Mon, Jun 19, 2017

Bertil Roos Performance Driving Clinic (Solo)

Pocono Raceway

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The Bertil Roos Performance Driving Clinic is the best low cost way to get your car on track for plenty of valuable seat time!

Please note that this is the registration page for Solo (Experienced) drivers. For drivers who wish to attend this event and do not have prior track experience, please refer to our PDC Novice registration page.

A Quick Introduction For An Entire Day Of Driving!

Whether you are a Bertil Roos PDC Novice driver, a returning Solo driver, or a driver from another club looking for some extra seat time, this event will yield plenty of value. Drivers who attend this event will have long lapping sessions to really hone in on their race lines and driving techniques. The day will start off with a basic tech inspection that will lead into a track preview. During the track preview, our instructors will take the drivers for a few laps around the track to show them the suggested basic driving line, potential hazardous areas, and point out any handy reference marks. Once the drivers have seen a quick preview of the track, they will have a brief drivers meeting with the Bertil Roos Racing School's head instructor, and then take to the track in their cars.

Long Sessions For Quick Laps!

The Bertil Roos Racing School utilizes 1 hour lapping sessions for the Performance Driving Clinic for some very good reasons. These reason include:

  • Plenty of continuous lapping time for valuable practice and focus.
  • Cool down time variation from car to car.
  • The flexibility of drivers to conduct lapping sessions on their own agenda.
  • Plenty of time to get fuel and conduct maintenance between sessions.
  • Plenty of time for pit stops during the sessions.
  • Ability to request for an instructor to ride along if wanted.
  • Less stress on the drivers and our staff overall.

After years of track experience and instruction, we have found that nice, long sessions are perfect for these types of events.

Valuable Instruction Is Close At Hand!

Should a driver like to gain some additional instruction and training, our instructors are always on call track-side to ride shotgun. This allows drivers to receive immediate and more accurate feedback from our instructors. When our instructors are not riding with drivers, they are posted at various areas on track so that they may observe and gather information on drivers from different perspectives.

Rain? Of Course We Drive In The Rain!

The Bertil Roos Racing School conducts our scheduled events rain or shine. We recognize the value of advanced car control practice via driving in the wet. We will, however, delay or postpone the event if track conditions become hazardous to the drivers and cars. Please refer to our website,, or contact our office for information regarding our weather-related cancelation policy.

Sign Up And Start Lapping!

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Event requirements


Drivers will be required to wear close-toed shoes, long pants, and a long-sleeve shirt. Boots are not recommended.

Helmets will be loaned to drivers who do not have their own at no extra charge. Students may bring their own helmets, but they must first be approved by one of our instructors before they can use them. Motorcycle helmets with an "M" rating are not permitted. Only helmets with a SNELL "SA" rating will be permitted for use.

Any driver using a car with a soft-top (convertible)  in the program must ensure that there are no problems with the roof locks, so that roofs do not come loose during the event. Only cars with roll bars will be permitted to keep their top down while lapping.

Drivers must ensure that the front windows operate in cars being used in the event. Students will be asked to keep their front windows rolled all the way down during lapping.

Any tools or equipment unique to a specific vehicle must be brought to the event. These include lug nut keys and hubcap removal tools, as well as any other tools necessary to conduct a simple tech inspection. Students are recommended to locate these tools prior to the event and make them easily accessible for the tech inspection in order to make the inspection process move quicker.

Drivers are reminded that it is forbidden to use cell phones in a moving vehicle, especially at a high speed.

We recommend that all drivers review the important information packet and track map prior to attending the program. This allows for a better understanding and reference throughout the program.

All minors under the age of 18 participating in our event must be accompanied by a consenting adult, as well as, a signed consent form. A valid driver's license is required to drive vehicles in our event, but the Bertil Roos Racing School will make exceptions based on past driving experience. Please call our office to request an exception.

Any and all spectators are welcome but must sign our liability waiver during registration for our program. All spectators must also remain within the approved areas on track. Any children must be kept under strict supervision. Any pets brought to the event must remain on a leash or within a vehicle. Drivers may NOT interact with spectators while in a moving vehicle on track. Rules regarding spectators and pets are put in place for the safety of the spectators, the drivers, and our staff. The Bertil Roos Racing School reserves the right to ask anyone whom neglects to adhere to our safety regulations to leave the event, however an initial warning will be given upon the first infraction.

Pocono Raceway

Long Pond, PA
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Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap


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