Tue, Jul 14 - Wed, Jul 15, 2020

Bertil Roos 2 Precision Highway Driving School

Pocono Raceway

About this event

2-Day Precision Highway Driving

Prepare for the unexpected and learn the limits of yourself and your car.

If you are looking to improve your driving skills, this course is for you! It will help you prepare for the unexpected and will give you an awareness of the limits of the car and yourself. We take the same techniques we teach in our racing programs and apply them to street driving, at street speeds, to make you a safer driver. The program emphasizes safety, awareness and precision in driving. You learn a great deal about car control, vehicle dynamics, eye technique, safe braking, ABS braking techniques, advanced cornering and skid correction. The program is taught in our street cars and Slidecars at Palm Beach International Raceway and Pocono Raceway’s twisting road racing course. This allows us to perform drills that could not be done on public roads yet provides an actual “road” for a very real feel.


The Curriculum

The curriculum focuses on both advanced and defensive driving skills. You learn how proper ocular (eye) techniques allow early warning of upcoming situations so you can take appropriate action. This brings about an enormous change in the way you drive. When you use the brake pedal as a defense mechanism, then you have another great advantage in today’s fast paced traffic environment. Are you aware that the brake pedal is the #1 trouble-maker? You can avoid many disasters with proper situational awareness training and proper application of techniques taught in this course. Proper cornering techniques make your driving much more fun! When you know how to correct slides and skids you feel a lot more secure driving on slippery roads. When you can confidently take control of a car that starts to slide driving becomes really exciting. Learn why cars go out of control, what to do if it happens, and how to prevent it from happening in the first place. Learn about weight transfer, how to drive sharp curves safely and ice and snow driving while driving our Slidecars.


The Slide Car: The Slidecar is a revolutionary training vehicle.

It lets you experience, at low speeds, how it feels when you drive a car over its limit. The car goes sideways in every corner, allowing you to learn how to control a sliding vehicle. Bertil Roos invented the Slidecar and it is patented in several countries around the world. The car has a modified rear axle that allows the rear wheels to steer outward, duplicating the effects of a slide. With precise steering inputs you make the car continue to follow the road as intended every time the rear end slides out!

This class is beneficial for drivers of all ages. Inexperienced drivers will avoid bad driving habits from the start and experienced drivers will learn to correct their bad habits, making all drivers better prepared for any driving situation. Students will also have the opportunity to practice in their own vehicles at the end of the program. Each day ends with a fun competition against the other students to try out their newly acquired skills. If you’re ready to take your everyday driving skills to the next level by becoming a more competent and confidant driver, give us a call and sign up today!

Some of the top racecar drivers in the country have put their families through this program.

Have a teenager you feel could benefit? Call our office and ask about our special discount for teens.


Highlights include:

  • Overreaction
  • Weight Transfer
  • Vision
  • Steering
  • Braking
  • Braking with ABS
  • Warning Signals
  • Cornering
  • Winter Driving
  • Driving in Rain
  • Sliding
  • And much more

Event requirements

The Only Requirement is yourself and dressing for the occasion!

We recommend that all students review the provided important information packet, textbook, and track map prior to attending the program. This allows for a better understanding and reference throughout the program.

All minors under the age of 18 participating in our event must be accompanied by a consenting adult.

Any and all spectators are welcome but must sign our liability waiver during registration for our program. All spectators must also remain within the approved areas on track. Any children must be kept under strict supervision. Any pets brought to the event must remain on a leash or within a vehicle. Rules regarding spectators and pets are put in place for the safety of the spectators, the students/participants, and our staff. The Bertil Roos Racing School reserves the right to ask anyone whom neglects to adhere to our safety regulations to leave the event, however an initial warning will be given upon the first infraction.

Pocono Raceway

Long Pond, PA
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Download track map
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