Sun, Oct 25, 2020

Autocross at PEC LA

Porsche Experience Center LA

About this event

Autocross at PECLA: Sponsored by HOUSE Automotive & Porsche Santa Clarita

This will be our first autocross event and will be similar to the one hosted by PEC LA for their Third Anniversary celebration with the notable difference that you get to drive your own Porsche!  Registration is open to all Porsches model year 1990 or later with exceptions granted to older models on a case-by-case basis if they are equipped with ABS and steering wheel airbags (PEC rules). 

Base ticket price is $120.  An instructor (radio-based, due to the pandemic) is also available for an additional $35 fee.  Hit Continue below to reserve your time slot. 

There will be ten run group windows from 12 PM to 4:30 PM (inclusive).  A maximum of 5 people can sign up for each window and each person will be allotted 6 laps.  You may sign up for multiple windows.    (NOTE: due to budget limitations, only one instructor slot is available per window -- if you want to have multiple slots with an instructor, you'll need to sign up for two windows).

The course will be marked with cones (designed by PEC) on the Dynamics Pad, which will be the only accessible part of the facility on event day.  Helmets are not required.  Please click Continue below for a list of rules and technical requirements set by PEC.

PSA: No food or drinks will be provided due to cost and COVID-19 considerations, so please bring your own water bottles.


We are asking payment to be made within 2 days of reserving a slot.  If payment hasn't been made after two days, your reservation will be canceled to allow others to sign up.

No fee payment options:

  • Zelle/QuickPay to (please include your full name and Group numbers).  Almost every banking app supports Zelle out-of-the-box.  Chase calls this service QuickPay.
  • VenMo BANK OR DEBIT TRANSFER to martopoulos (please include your full name and group numbers)
  • PopMoney to (please include full name and run group) 

Payment options with an additional fee:

  • PayPal (+2.9% fee) to (please include your full name and Group numbers)
  • VenMo CREDIT CARD TRANSACTION (+3% fee) to martopoulos (please include your full name and Group numbers)

About the Group

LA Porsche Addicts was started in late 2018 to supplement the existing Porsche club options in SoCal.  We meet monthly for group drives and other events.  We organize via our 500-member Facebook group.

Event requirements

All of the rules below are set by PEC and are strictly enforced.

Documents & Misc.

  • Due to insurance requirements, passengers are not allowed.
  • If you want to have a spectator, they will have to go to the viewing area accessible from the street outside of the facility.  (We will try to have an official photographer, but that is still TBD).
  • All drivers must be 21+ and have a valid license/registration
  • You will need a Vehicle Technical Inspection form (provided by PEC LA; checked and signed by vehicle owner or Porsche dealer)

Technical requirements (from

  • Must be a Porsche; 1990 model and newer is automatically accepted, BUT 1987-1989 is accepted if the vehicle has ABS and a steering wheel airbag - I will have to get explicit permission from PEC for every car older than 1990
  • Must be equipped with driver and passenger airbags, anti-lock brake system (ABS) and a minimum three-point seat belt system
  • Street legal (cannot be a race car)
  • Standard exhaust system (no open/straight-piped exhausts)
  • Standard tires (no R-compound tires) (* but Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 should be okay)
  • No R-compound brake pads
  • Full tank of fuel required (No onsite fueling available)
  • Helmets are not required

Entries (26)

Will Irwin
Leonard Driver
Ed Sudario
Johnny Merjil
Silverio Baranda
Shawn Lavi
Monty Venkersammy
Luigi Sciabarrasi

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