Fri, Nov 20 - Sun, Nov 22, 2020

Austin Schnell Fest at COTA November 20-22. 2020

Circuit of the Americas

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The Hill Country, Lone Star and Maverick Regions of the Porsche Club of America and the Houston Chapter of BMW-CCA are proud to present a Drivers Education Event at Circuit Of The Americas in Austin, Texas on November 20-22, 2020.  We need full race staffing - lots of corner workers, plus Control, Start and Grid. Pay, parties, fast cars, good friends, and all in Austin! What more could you want?

More information will be made available as it become known.

Note: This site is for registering workers only. Drivers should register on under Lone Star Region PCA


Event requirements



Note: This site is for registering workers only. Drivers should register on under Lone Star Region PCA

Only a certain number of paid positions are available for this event, as is usually the case.

Corner Worker benefits include -
a) pay of $100/day;
b) lunch daily (to be decided)
c) hospitality Friday and Saturday evenings (to be decided)


I'll periodically (every few days) acknowledge those who have applied. I'll set the final roster early the week of November 15.  Will let folks know either way.

Positions Availablity:

We have track worker positions open in all areas and specialties. I am not handling nontrack workers, such as parking and hospitality. Contact me if you want information on these areas.

Other Important Information:

General information on the event may be found at


Workers are expected to arrange their own accommodations and transportation to and from the track. Working with PCA, COTA has provided a list of hotels in the vicinity of the track, which is at the link above. I'm told Expedia and Orbitz also provide good coverage for the Austin area.

 You may reside in your trailers and RVs in the main paddock, the parking pro's will direct you to the proper area.  There might be a chance that we will have space in the RV lot, please contact Michael Simmang at  to see if you can park your RV or camper there.There are no electrical, water, or sewage hookups in the paddock. There will be portajohns and trash barrels. If you are tent camping, let me know and I will confirm which lot COTA would like you to set up in.

Worker Skills:

Basic corner worker HAND SIGNALS are needed at COTA. There will only be a single radio per station and the digital radios are trunked, meaning your personal radios and scanners are useless. Anyone outside the station will need to interact with the station communicator via hand signals. Please review before arriving at the track and consult with your corner captain daily.

Experience counts! We are accepting applications for this event from novice and rookie workers and from those who have only worked at COTA. However, it is unclear at this time how many, if any, folks at these experience levels we'll be able to use. Please apply anyway as this will get you on our list for future events where we can more readily use these skill levels and help you get the training and experience for PCA at COTA next year.


Circuit of the Americas

Austin, TX
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Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap
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