Sun, Aug 12, 2018

August 12th Salina Solo

East Crawford Recreation Area

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Sunday Autocross --

All rule book classes (including the new CAM classes for those of ground-pounder persuasion, as well as Street [stock] classes), plus our STO classes (run-what-ya-brung, tires 200 or more tread wear).  Not sure what class you're in? Search for your car in this list from SCCA.

HEATS WILL BE RUN BY GROUP! This means you will not have a heat selection option, our base heat groups are listed below.  These are subject to change to allow heat balancing, but a single class will always be in the same heat group.  Group A will run heat 1, work heat 2 and Group B will run heat 2 and work heat 1 on March 18. Following this, the groups will continue to alternate heats every event, see the schedule for run group details.

Run Group A Run Group B
 STO Ladies Classes  STO Open Classes
 CAM Open Classes  CAM Ladies Classes
 Street Mod Ladies Classes  Street Mod Open Classes
 Street Prepared Ladies Classes  Street Prepared Open Classes
 All other Prepared Open Classes  All other Prepared Ladies Classes
 All other Ladies Mod Classes  All other Open Mod Classes
 Heritage Classic Classes  FASE & FASEL
 KM & KML  Junior Karts/Junior Karts Ladies

$35 Preregistered Non Member

$25 Preregistered Member

Add $2 for Credit Card Payment Online or no added fee for Cash/Check at Event Site.

Onsite Registration is also available for an additional $5, cash or check ONLY.

We do not charge credit cards until after the event. If you pre-pay but then cannot make the event, you will not be charged.

Our Schedule

 Date  Event                 1st Run Group  Chair  Safety
 March 17  Test and Tune  Brian Tefft Jr.  Monte Rans
 March 18  Solo At Salina                 A  Brian Tefft Jr.  Monte Rans
 April 13-15  Evolution School
 Friday-Phase 1 Saturday-Phase 2
 Sunday-Challenge School
 Rocky Entriken  Bil Preheim
 April 14-15

 Twin Solos              Sat-B  Sun-A
 Note: Course size will be reduced
 to allow room for Evo School

 Gang Green  Dennis Smith
 May 6  Solo At Salina                 B  Bill Preheim  Dennis Smith
 May 20  Solo At Salina                 A  Clint Holmes  
 June 2-3  Salina Midwest Divisional  Brian Tefft Jr.  Monte Rans
 June 24  Solo At Salina                 B  Abner Perney  Ken Kennedy
 July 15  Solo At Salina                 A  Powercat Motorsports  TBD
 August 12  Solo At Salina                B  Don & Mike Herrick  TBD
 Sept 9  Solo At Salina                A  Hank & Sharon Brillhart  TBD
 Sept 23  Solo At Salina RE Challenge 1  B  Monte Rans  TBD
 Oct 7  Solo At Wichita RE Challenge 2  Wichita Region  ------
 Oct 21  Solo At Salina Octoberfast      A  Salina Region Board  TBD
 Nov 4  Solo At Salina                B  Jim Hund  TBD

Event requirements


Please note that for each heat you run you must work one heat, or provide a worker to take your place.

Preregistration officially ends at 8 pm on the Friday prior to a Sunday event or on Thursday for a two day event.

Solo Events (unless otherwise noted) will be located at East Crawford Recreation Area In Salina 

We recommend you get there by 8:00 am to complete Check-in, do course walk and attend the drivers meeting.

Car number and class must to be on the vehicle before tech inspection.

Registration and Tech open at 8:00 AM and close at 9:30 AM

Novice Course Walk at 9:30 AM

Driver's Meeting at 10:00 AM

First Car on Course approximately 10:30 AM

Drivers must present a valid driver's license and a valid SCCA membership card, no exceptions. If you're not a current SCCA member you will have the opportunity to purchase a weekend membership.

Drivers must wear full shoes that cover the entire foot. No open toed shoes.

Per SCCA event requirements, helmets must be Snell certified (SA, M or K),  year 2005 or newer. Loaner helmets will be available on site. Additional information  is located in the national SCCA rulebook:

Entries (33)

Robert Clapp
Tyler Naden
Rodney Walters
Michael Mace
Mason Smith
Jim Gillett
Kale Morris
Bill Dayton

East Crawford Recreation Area

Salina, KS


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Salina Region

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