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Sat, Sep 2, 2023

ASM AutoX Pursuit Battle + DriftX Battle

Golden Sands Speedway

About this event

ASM Pursuit Battle is an autocross & drift event for drivers of all disciplines and experience levels. 

What is AutoX Pursuit Battle? Pursuit Battle is a new style of autocross competition. Using results from the standard autocross (raw time), drivers will be seeded into a double-elimination bracket and face off through a series of battles on a continuous course. Drivers will start from opposite sides of the same course, and race back to their respective start line. First car to complete one lap of the course and make it back to their start line is the winner.  Through the first round, a winners & losers bracket will be seeded and run. Once a driver is defeated twice, they're eliminated from the competition. 
Autocross Rules- Must be a VIN'd car with 200TW Street Tires.

How does DriftX Battle work? Drift objectives will be laid out beforehand by judges. Drivers will be scored on meeting these objectives on their runs. Objectives may include outer zones, clipping points, angle, linking & maintaining angle between elements, and staying below a maximum run time. Essentially, this format will be judged Formula Drift Qualifying-style; highest score wins. Drivers will be seeded based on Qualifying runs and run through a series of bracket battles to determine the winner. A Figure 8/Fishhook drift pad will also be open in paddock at 9am. 
Drift rules-  255 max width, 300TW or greater. 

Prizes: Both Pursuit Battle & Dritt Battle will pay out prizes for the Top 8 finishers. 
1st: $500
2nd: $200
3rd: $100
4th-8th: $50 each
*Prizes are based on a sold out 32-car bracket. Payouts may be adjusted by a percentage of entries if entry counts are lower in a bracket. 

Event Schedule

    • Open Practice, Standard Course: 9am - 10:30am
    • Qualifying, Standard Course: Noon - 1pm
    • Pursuit Bracket Battles, Pursuit Course: 2:00pm
    • Open Practice runs from 10:30am - Noon. No tandems. Runs will be observed but not scored by the judges.
    • Qualifying, Judged Runs: 1pm - 2pm
    • Drift Bracket Battles: 5pm

Autocross & Drift Driver Entry: $100 per driver (limited to 32 drivers each)

Crew, passengers, and spectators are free. 

Event requirements

(SELF-TECH REQUIREMENTS) Must have a safe car.  No loose suspension components, leaking fluids, or anything else unsafe. If we feel you have something unsafe going on, you will be advised to fix it before running.

Must have valid drivers license.  

Must not do stupid stuff.  


Golden Sands Speedway

Wisconsin Rapids, WI


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