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Sat, Oct 29, 2022

ASM Driver's Ed Vol. 4: Grip & Drift Training

Golden Sands Speedway

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ASM Driver's Ed - Vol 4
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Saturday, October 30th, 2021 @10:00a-4:00p
Location: Golden Sands Speedway in Wisconsin Rapids, WI

ASM Driver's Ed is a hybrid drift/autocross event to learn total car control. An autocross-style course will be set up with timing for this Driver's Ed training day. Grip driving and drifting are both welcome and encouraged.

PLUS, for the first time, we will be offering personalized driver coaching with Tom O'Gorman for drivers looking to improve their driving skills. You will get 1 hour of dedicated one-on-one time working with Tom on your goals with right seat and out-of-car coaching. 

Entry: $40 per driver (limit 30 entries)
Driver Coaching: $45 for 1 hour (limit 10 entries)

Spectators are allowed and encouraged! If bringing crew, please have them all sign the event waiver.

9:00-9:45a: Check-in
9:45a: Driver's Meeting
10:00a: Open Track and Skidpad

Sorry, no tandem drifting - but hope to add this into future events! 


Course Setup

SKIDPAD: A basic figure 8 to do some practice.

MAIN TRACK: Autocross-style course of cones designed to be friendly for autocrossing and drifting. You are welcome to drive the course in whatever fashion you'd like. 


Event requirements

(SELF-TECH REQUIREMENTS) Must have a safe car.  No loose suspension components, leaking fluids, or anything else unsafe. If we feel you have something unsafe going on, you will be advised to fix it before running.

Must have valid drivers license.  

Must not do stupid stuff.  

Must not have an ego.  We're here to learn. 

Golden Sands Speedway

Wisconsin Rapids, WI


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