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Fri, Sep 9 - Sun, Sep 11, 2016

ARPCA Mid-Ohio - Driving School-2016

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

About this event


ARPCA announces its fall Drivers Education at Mid-Ohio!


The Allegheny Region of the Porsche Club of America will host a Driver’s Education Event at the Mid-Ohio Race Track on Saturday and Sunday, Sep 10 and 11, 2016. 

Lapping Day on Sep. 9, 2016 

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course (Mid-Ohio) is located near Lexington, OH, just off of I-71 between Cleveland and Columbus.   Like WGI, it has a long history of hosting many of the major road-racing series races dating back to 1962.   Although limited in total elevation change the track is known to be very technical and challenging and will put any drivers' car control skills to the test.


A PCA driver’s education event is a great opportunity to learn more about your car and enhance your driving skills. Our club has a long history in making sure that first timers feel especially welcome!

A Drivers Education event provides an opportunity for an amateur driver to experience one of the nations most technical tracks in a non-competitive atmosphere. 

The event is not only open to Porsche sports cars, but other makes of suitable track worthy cars.

Garages are available for rent.  They are very popular and always sell out.   

There will be a lapping day for our Instructors and pre-approved drivers on Friday, Sept 9th.  If you desire lapping day, update your logbook on MSR and state your preference on the registration form, or contact the organizers at track@arpca.com



Event requirements

This information has changed for 2016  

Basic Safety / Tech Information

  • Please review all the following as there have been changes made since last year!
  • HELMET – 2010 or 2015 SNELL rating REQUIRED with SNELL sticker attached.   SNELL SA standard strongly recommended.   DOT-rated helmets are not acceptable.    SNELL 2005 helmets, wil be allowed due to slow delivery of SA2015 helmits.
  • SEATBELTS – As a minimum the vehicle shall have the OEM restraints.  If you have chosen to install 5 or 6-point harnesses, be mindful that the proper installation of these will require several changes to the automobile to create a safe occupant system.   Harnesses must include an anti-submarine strap and be mounted in an approved manner consistent with the harness manufacturer instructions.  A seat designed for use with harnesses will have pass-throughs for the correct routing of the harness; both through the back and seat.   Equal restraint systems are required for both driver and passenger.   Harnesses will be checked for expiration date compliance.   Any expired harness will be granted a “one-time pass” to participate in that event but vehicle will not be allowed to be used at subsequent ARPCA events without replacement.  
  • SEATING REQUIREMENTS – ALL participant vehicles must have TWO seats with equal restraints for the driver and passenger.  This applies to all run groups (including instructors).   Please do not register if you don’t have a car that will meet this standard.   There will be no exceptions or special dispensation given for this rule.
  • ROLL BAR – All “non-fixed-metal” roofed cars must have OEM rollover protection (e.g. 996 and later Cabriolets, Boxsters etc.) or a proper roll bar that passes the “broomstick test”.   Convertibles will run with the top up or occupants will wear arm restraints.
  • AGE – Drivers must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid driver’s license.
  • CO-DRIVER – If two drivers will be sharing a car, only one of them may be a novice.
  • CAR SAFETY – The driver of the vehicle is responsible for the proper preparation and operation of the vehicle.   All registered drivers will receive a link to ARPCA’s Tech Inspection form, which is to be completed, signed and brought to the event.  All non-instructor-driven vehicles will be required to pass tech inspection at the track.   No refunds will be given for failure to pass tech inspection.   You will be allowed to remedy any failed items and resubmit your vehicle for approval.
  • THE OPINIONS OF THE INSTRUCTOR WITH REGARDS TO SAFETY TAKES PRECEDENCE OVER STUDENT OPINIONS – The instructor assigned to the student will have the final say with regard to the operation of the car while on the track.   This encompasses both the actual driving by the student as well as operation of the car and its’ equipment (e.g. data acquisition and/or cameras and recording devices).   Be advised that the Chief Instructor(s) are much more likely to take the side of the instructor than that of the student in matters that involve a difference of opinion regarding the operation of the car while on the track.
  • CARS THAT ARE NOT PERMITTED – All open-wheeled cars are prohibited.   Cars with fenders attached to the suspension (e.g. Lotus 7/Caterham) and not attached to the body of the car in at least two locations are prohibited. 
  • Age Restrictions - Drivers must be 18-years of age at the time of the event. 

Should there be any question about the suitability of a vehicle please contact the ARPCA Safety/Tech chairman at Safety@ARPCA.com.

Be alert for new safety procedures in 2016!  Details will be emailed to drivers closer to the events.

Tell us about your abilities.

In order to place you correctly, please make sure your driving resume is up to date in Motorsport Reg.  A suggested structure is below: 

Please make sure that your logbook of experience in your member profile is up to date.  We will use this information to evaluate your ability and to correctly place you into your run group. 

Lapping Day

There will be a Lapping Day on Friday the 9th of Sept before the formal DE. Students who qualify for the lapping day are not given an Instructor and therefore a demonstration of a high level of experience is required to qualify. If you are interested in our Lapping Day you are required to participate in the weekend event as well.

Current ARPCA Instructors who want to attend will be accepted.  If you have attended an ARPCA Lapping Day event before at this track you will also be accepted.

All others, indicate your interest in attending the lapping day when completing the registration form. Please make sure that your logbook of experience in your member profile is up to date.  We will use this to evaluate your ability to qualify. We may also ask for a recommendation from the Chief Instructor of your Region and will contact you by e-mail, if we need your CI’s contact information. Lapping Days are operated as open track days and we are very careful to only have qualified participants at these events. This precaution is done to insure the SAFETY of all who attend.

Costs and Options:

  • Driver Registration Cost:       $ 400.00
  • Instructor Registration Cost:  $ 100.00
  • Lapping Day Cost:                 $ 200.00
  • Garage Rental:                       $100 (for 1 bay of the 2 bay garage) 


You will be asked for a credit card when you register.  We will charge your credit card after your registration has been reviewed and approved by the event chairs. 

You may adjust your registration online.  Any additional charges will be reviewed and charged as appropriate to your credit card.  If refunds are appropriate (eg. for changing reservations) we will provide a charge credit, as warranted.  Any refunds will be subject to the standard cancellation policy outlined in the cancellation section for this event.

Our refund policy has changed.

Our Cancellation policy:  We do not charge your card until 45-days in advance of the event.  After that date, the cancellation fee is $100.00, until 2 weeks before the event.

No refunds are provided fourteen (14) days in advance of the event.

In summary

  • Changes can be made for free until                                           July 25, 2016
  • Your credit card is charged                                                         July 25, 2016
  • One Hundred dollar ($100.00) cancel fee in effect                     July 25, through Aug 26, 2016
  • No refunds provided after                                                           Aug 26, 2016.

Note: Event occurs rain or shine.

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Lexington, OH
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Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap
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HPDE organized by

PCA - Allegheny

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