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PCA - Allegheny
Sat, Jun 6 - Sun, Jun 7, 2015

ARPCA Driving School #1 - at Pitt Race

Pittsburgh International Race Compl

About this event


ARPCA  presents our first of two events at The Pittsburgh International Race Complex!


 The Allegheny Region of the Porsche Club of America will host a Driver’s Education Event at the Pitt Race Complex on Saturday and Sunday, Jun 6 and 7, 2015.  

Cars on track at Pitt RaceThis is a great opportunity to learn more about your car and enhance your driving skills. Our club has a long history in making sure that first timers feel especially welcome!

We will be using the North Track (the "older" road course).  Asphalt continues to cure on the New South Track and the New South Track will not be open for this event.  Participants at this event will be given preferental registration positions for the second ARPCA school at PittRace, August 8-9 when the exciting South Track is LIKELY to be Open.

Would you like to instruct? - If you are not currently an Approved Instructor for the Allegheny Region and would like to instruct please contact Drake Core, our chief instructor: chief.instructor@arpca.com to discuss your instructing with us.

 Saturday evening immediately following the school, we will have a complementary social event in the paddock to swap stories and tall tales.  Additional details to follow.

Event requirements

CaSafety Requirements

  • HELMET - 2005 or later SNELL rating required  (sticker must be attached - look inside helmet). SNELL “SA” recommended. A helmet with only a DOT rating is NOT acceptable. (Note: new requirement; 2000-rated helmets NOT ACCEPTABLE!).  This is the last year for SA-2005 helmits.
  • Seatbelts - As a minimum the vehicle shall have the OEM restraints. If the participant chooses to install 5 or 6 point driving harnesses, four point harnesses are not allowed with the exception of the Schroth DOT approved 4 point harness, the harnesses must include an antisubmarine strap and be mounted in an approved manner consistent with the manufacturer’s instructions. The Harness System must be used in conjunction with a seat which has the supplied routing holes for the shoulder and anti-submarine belts. The use of H-style shoulder belts is no longer allowed by PCA. Equal restraints are required for driver & passenger.
  • Seating requirements - ALL participant vehicles must have TWO seats with equal restraints for the driver and the passenger. This applies to ALL run groups, including instructors. If you do not have a car that qualifies under this rule, please don't apply. If you show up without a second seat or without equal restraints, your car will fail tech inspection and you will not be allowed on the track.   There will be NO EXCEPTIONS and NO REFUNDS.
  • Roll bar - Open air vehicles must have OEM, operational, roll over protection OR properly installed roll bars that meet the broomstick rule, i.e., must be taller than driver & also provide protection for passenger. Arm restraints required for driver and passenger for open vehicle operation.
  • Sunroofs - must be fully closed on track.
  • Brake Pads - Minimum 50% brake pad lining.
  • Tires - minimum - 5/32" tire tread depth for street tires.  If you are running some form of a track or race tire (Kumo, Hoosier, etc.) be prepared to show your tires to the safety char for approval.
  • Clothing – minimum requirement - long sleeve 100% cotton shirt, long 100% cotton pants, leather or canvas shoes.
  • Age - Drivers must be 18 years or older with valid driver's license.
  • Co-Driver - No more than one novice driver per vehicle.
  • Noise - No open exhausts - (100 dB limit)
  • Car Safety  – the driver of the vehicle is responsible for the preparation and proper operation of their vehicle. All registered drivers will receive a link to  ARPCA’s Safety Inspection Form, which is to be completed, signed, and brought to the track. All vehicles will be required to pass a safety inspection at the track. Failure of this inspection will not result in a refund of your registration fee. You will be allowed to remedy any problems and resubmit your vehicle for approval.
  • Instructor’s safety trump driver’s preference – Instructors assigned to a student’s car have the final say on safety, in-car filming, top position, erratic driving, unsafe acts, etc.  The event management will side with the instructor.
  • Cars that are not permitted: All open wheeled cars are prohibited. All cars with fenders attached to the wheels which are not attached to the body in two locations like a Lotus 7 or Caterham are prohibited. All cars requiring methanol based fuels are prohibited. Should there be any question about the suitability and safety of a vehicle, the final determination will be made by the event staff and Safety Chair. Contact track@ARPCA.com

Providing your Driving Resume

Please make sure your driving resume is up to date in Motorsport Reg.  A suggested structure is below: 

Recommended structure to maintain DE Experience in MSR


Please make sure that your logbook of experience in your MSR member profile is up to date.  We will use this information to evaluate your ability and to correctly place you into your run group. 

Costs and Options:

  • Driver Registration Cost: $370
  • Instructor Registration Cost: $75 (for ARPCA - approved instructors)


You will be asked for a credit card when you register.  We will charge your credit card after your registration has been reviewed and approved by the event chairs on or around May 29, 2015.  

You may adjust your registration on-line.  Any additional charges will be reviewed and charged as appropriate to your credit card.  If refunds are appropriate (eg. for canceling dinner reservations) we will send you a check.  Any refunds will be subject to the standard cancellation policy outlined in the cancellation section for this event.

Pittsburgh International Race Compl

Wampum, PA
Download track map
Download track map


HPDE organized by

PCA - Allegheny

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