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Track Advantage
Mon, Apr 22 - Tue, Apr 23, 2024

April 22-23 Shelly's Race & HPDE

Virginia International Raceway

About this event

Track Advantage proudly announces Shelly's Race in honor of the Navy Veteran and ALS Warrior Shelly Hoover! This Practice Race will be run on Monday April 22nd at 1pm immediately following the group photo. 

Lets race to a cure together! 

$30 of each registration will go towards the fight for ALS. 

There will also be charity laps throughout the day for those that would like to see what it is like to drive around VIR!! All proceeds will go to RFALS.

All Aspiring High-Performance Drivers (NOVICE), Intermediate, ADVANCED HPDE drivers, Racers, Time Trial drivers, Instructors, Experienced Club Members join us on April 22nd and April 23rd from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on VIR's Full Course. Limited enrollment to allow maximum track time. Three run groups.

Only $675.00 per driver!!! $750 for NOVICE drivers (includes in-car instruction)

Arrival: Drivers may arrive on the evening of Sunday April 21st at 6:00pm.

Lodging at VIR is available. Call 434-822-7700 ext 300 or visit the website at: https://virnow.com/lodging/

Printable Waivers: 

Liability Waiver.pdf

passenger waiver .pdf



email - etechphoto@usa.net

Website - etechphoto.com

Instagram - @etechphoto

SCHEDULE (subject to change)

Sunday April 21st

6:00 PM                      Gates open for those participating on April 22nd

6:30 PM                      Tech and Registration Open at the Tech Table

7:45PM                      Tech and Registration Close

Monday April 22nd and Tuesday April 23rd see the attached schedules below:

**schedule subject to change** 

April 2024 Racing ALS - Monday Ver 2.pdf  JUST UPDATED!!!! NEW PARADE LAP TIME!!!

April 2024 Racing ALS - Tuesday.pdf

Please bring the below filled out Self-Tech form with you to Tech.

Self-Tech Form v5- 2024.pdf




Brad Schwab and Bob Hartman

email - etechphoto@usa.net

Website - etechphoto.com

Instagram - @etechphoto

Facebook - Brad Schwab

Event requirements

Driver Requirements

Aspiring High Performance Drivers (Novice) - Mandatory in car instruction. Designated passing zones only – Point by Required.

"Novice" drivers are those who have 0-5 days track experience and are new to the high-performance driving world. All Novice drivers will be assigned a qualified instructor.

Intermediate- Designated passing zones only – Point by Required.

"Intermediate" drivers are those who have participated in at least 10+ HPDE track days and have been "signed off" by a qualified instructor on multiple tracks. Passing other cars in Intermediate is only allowed in certain areas, depending on the track, after the driver of the lead car signals.

Advanced- Open passing anywhere – Point by Required.

"Advanced" are those who have participated in at least 15+ track days and have been "signed off" by an instructor for multiple tracks.  Driver has ability to multitask at high levels, can perform safe passes through corners, drive offline comfortably, and can drive side by side with no incidents.  Must also be able to manage traffic instinctively without causing trains. Passing other cars in Advanced is allowed anywhere on the track, but only after the driver of the lead car signals acknowledging the pass.

Unrestricted Advanced – Open passing anywhere – No point by required.

1)    Current race License from approved sports car racing sanctioning organization OR:

2)    Experienced driver with 50+ days track experience.


Helmet / Clothing Specifications

Helmet Requirement - SA2015 or newer, NO DOT or motorcycle helmets permitted.

HANS devices, fireproof clothing, shoes, and gloves are recommended.

 If driver has a "Track Prepared" Vehicle they are required to wear a one-piece SFI- or FIA-rated driver's suit with a minimum of two layers along with approved competition helmet, closed toed shoes and fire safe gloves (leather or Nomex recommended) when attending events at VIR.  

*** "Track Prepared Car" is defined as any Vehicle in which the cockpit has been altered or modified in any way so that any part of the chassis or firewall has been exposed.  referenced from Virginia International Raceway Track Policy ***

If you do not have a Helmet, there are a limited supply of helmets for rental. 

Please contact Christa Eley at christa@trackadvantage.com if you need a helmet. 


Entries (95)

Victor Omelchenko
Joseph Harrison
Peter Haggar
Roy Campbell
Matt Fojtik
Steve Wall
Matthew Downey
Douglas Henderson

Virginia International Raceway

Alton, VA
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HPDE organized by

Track Advantage

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