Sat, Apr 20, 2024

April 20 2024 GP

Aztalan Cycle Club

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Race Order / Classes

Race 1 -  30 minutes X 2 motos (9:00-9:30am / 12:55-1:25pm)

AA   $50

A     $45

B     $45


Race 2 - 25 minutes X 2 motos (9:45-10:10am / 1:40-2:05pm)

C   $40

+50 / +60  $40

Vintage   $40

Women   $40

Sportsman 1/Electric bike   $40


Race 3 - 20 minutes X 2 motos (10:25-10:45am / 2:20-2:40pm)

85cc/Supermini   $35

65cc   $35


Race 4- 25 minutes X 2 motos (11:00-11:25am / 2:55-3:20pm)

Open   $25

+30     $40

+40     $40


Race 5- 30 minutes X 1 moto (11:55-12:25pm during Intermission)

50 cc senior   $30

50cc beginner   $30

Event requirements

All participants must hold a current AMA Membership and an AMA District 16 Membership 

If you have a AMA District Membership from another District you can sign-up at the event.

Signup for AMA Membership

Signup for AMA District 16

2024 AMA Rulebook


Also, each participant must complete:

  • Aztalan Annual Release (or Aztalan Cycle Club membership card if a member)
    • One per year, district card will be stamped for future events. 
    • If not all parents are attending the event, this form will need to be notarized.
  • AMA Minor Release (for participants under 18 years of age)
    • AMA Annual Minor Release - This can be done electronically and is valid until December 31st of the current year. Both parents/guardians must complete this process and then only one parent/guardian will be required at the event. 
    • A paper form can also be completed at the track Both parents/guardians will be required at sign-up to complete this and then at least one parent/guardian will need to stay for the duration of the event.
  • Sign Event Release (at Check-in window)


Aztalan Cycle Club

Lake Mills, WI


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