Sat, Oct 7, 2023

Alabama Bulldog Bend TSD Road Rally

Shoal Creek Park

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Limited to 40 cars, we will have a waitlist if necessary

After some, "on public road" adventures in the 60's and 70's that mixed tours, rally cross, and just spirited driving, OK, maybe some speeding, it is time for ALSCCA to have its first Time-Speed-Distance  Road Rally. We practiced with a TREK in April 2023 that had a huge 70% participation by individuals new to ALSCCA. We were blown away!

WHAT: Bulldog Bend TSD Road Rally

WHEN: Saturday Oct 7, 2023 at 0700 (7:00am)

WHERE: Begin at Shoal Creek Park, 2781 Hwy 119 South, Montevallo AL 35115

WHAT DOES IT COST? Per car, $50 with an SCCA member, $65 if a weekend membership is needed


  • This rally is being run as an ‘unequipped’ event, no direct links between distance and timing.
    Non-variable rate time pieces, (watches, stop watches, Smartphones/Smartphone Applications) readable in seconds or 1/100th of a minute are allowed in all classes.
  • There are four classes:
  • ‘First Timer’: neither the driver nor the navigator may have competed in an organized road rally of any type (TREK not included) prior to this event.
  • ‘Novice’: both the driver and the navigator have competed in fewer than five rallies of any type.
  • ‘Expert’: all teams that do not qualify for one of the other two classes listed above.
  • Observer: more than two adults in the car (non-competitive)


  • No limitation on timing equipment in any of the three classes.
  • For ‘First Timers’ and ‘Novice’ classes, the only rally aids permitted are pencils, paper, clipboard, and the OEM (original equipment manufacturer)  speedometer/odometer in your car or the equivalent. Simple electronic calculators (add, subtract, multiply, divide, 8-digit display, no more than one memory) are permitted. TSD tables or similar rally aids are prohibited.
  • Teams that wish to utilize GPS applications, or TSD tables of any kind or cars with OEM computers capable of computing average speeds must compete in the ‘Expert’ class but remember, no direct links between distance and timing.
  • Observation of any prohibited rally aids on or in your car implies their use and will result in alteration of your class during the scoring process or your car not being scored.  

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? Approx 4 hours, broken into an odometer check and two competitive legs, 2:00 and 1:15 hours, separated by a 30 min break. The mid-point break is at a fruit stand/store in Clanton. The end point is a restaurant in Calera. The first car will depart at 0831 with a car following every minute until all are gone.

SURFACE DISCLAIMER: The event start and odo check parking lots are small irregular gravel. The route is all paved roads in Shelby, Bibb, and Chilton counties. Some of the roads have a few potholes and slight edge deformage that are easily avoidable. Two of the roads have no centerline.

IS IT SAFE? It is not a race, no specialty equipment required. No special car required. You have to remember you are sharing the road with other drivers.

SO WHY IS IT FUN?  What is Road Rally? It’s a scenic drive with a purpose, a chance to enjoy a day with a friend, the least expensive form of motorsport and as one participant described it, “The most intense thing I have ever done." Considering that this, “most intense thing” was done on a public road without ever breaking any laws in a car with absolutely no modifications – it’s clear that Road Rally is much more than a simple phrase can describe. You might also find a quote about your heart pounding, that actually might happen.

CAN MY CHILDREN OR GRANDCHILDREN COME? You can have observers less than 18yo in the back seat with no penalty. The driving is easy, the discussion can be intense at times, so we're limiting drivers to those who have a valid license, no learner's permits.

CAN I BRING MY PET? Because we will visit several commercial establishments, use the general guidance that only trained and certified service animals are allowed.

I / WE'VE NEVER DONE THIS, CAN WE COME ALONG AND OBSERVE? We had not thought of that! Yes, you can enter as a non-competitive team, but the cost is the same and the rules are the same. We can accommodate a group of more that two adults in the car if you  want to preview the operation of a rally.  For instance, to prep for the 2024 Porsche Parade event in B'ham, or you car club thinks they want to start a rally program. REMEMBER, our events are basically open to all via weekend memberships.

WAIVERS? We are not using MSR SpeedWaivers for this event. At the event, we will have you sign a waiver or show that you have an SCCA annual waiver. A separate minor waiver is required for any participant below Alabama's age of adulthood, 19yo. It doesn't matter if you live in another state. Contact the registrar, we'll try to make this as painless as possible. LAST MINUTE MINOR WAIVERS AT THE EVENT ARE NOT POSSIBLE

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Event requirements


Please read carefully:

Both the driver and the navigator (co-driver) need an MSR account in order to register. The account is free.

If you are registering yourself for the first time, and you will be paying for the event entry, please choose Option 1 on the order form and follow the prompts. The "cleanest" version of this is for the SCCA member to register first. That individual can also register the whole team.

If you are registering as a co-entrant and your partner has already registered, please choose Option 2 on the order form.

You will be asked to certify that you have a valid driver's license, that you have the minimum required automobile insurance and that your car passes a simple, but straight forward safety check.

Your valid license will be checked at event check in and waivers.

If you do not already have a account, click the 'Create New Account' button below. You will be asked to input your member number and Region of Record.  This is your SCCA Membership number and home region. You must have this information in your user profile to avoid needing a weekend membership for this event. (Also, make sure your user name matches exactly as it appears on your SCCA Membership card... otherwise, the member verification process will not validate your membership.)


Entries (22)

Andrew Bryant
J Alan Wheatcroft
Howard McCoy
Laurie Watson
Mike Watson
Sheryl Lee
Owen Mintun
Brad Mintun

Shoal Creek Park

Montevallo, AL


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SCCA - Alabama Region

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