Sun, Jan 1 - Sun, Dec 31, 2023

AFM 2023 Licensing & Membership


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Be a member of America's oldest (and fastest) racing club!

Event requirements

The minimum age requirement for this application is 18 years of age.
Minor applicants (under the age of 18), please see the AFM Minor Application


$185.00 Full Season License (effective: January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023)
All Competition License holders are Competition Members of the Club and entitled to voting rights and all privileges of membership.
Memberships are not transferable.

Individuals who have held an AFM license in the past who have not participated for extended periods may be required to take an AFM Approved New Racer School.
All new racing members must do so.

License applications must be received by January 31, 2023 to retain your 2022 number.

$60.00 per race event
The AFM offers Single Event Licenses for those interested in racing only one or two events with the Club. 
A Single Event license gives you the opportunity to race with the AFM for a weekend and the license expires once the race weekend is over.

$50.00 Full Season License (effective: January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023)
Associate License holders are members of the Club not holding AFM Competition Licenses.
Associate Members shall receive voting rights.  This membership does not grant access onto the track.

The AFM offers reciprocity to license holders from other approved motorcycle road racing organizations.
Reciprocity license holders will NOT receive or accrue points, either in class or overall. 
They may appear on results/standings prior to the season-end final standings but are not eligible for season-end championships or contingency awards. 

Reciprocity license holders may upgrade to a Competition License prior to July 1, 2023.

A safe raceday requires lots of volunteers and some of the hardest-working volunteers are the AFM Course Workers.
We are always looking for energetic, conscientious people to work with our turnworking group, many of whom work national or international events.
Renew or apply to be an AFM Course Worker and be part of one of the best motorcycle racetrack working groups around.

Join the fun and apply today!




  • If we receive your application by January 31, 2023, you may automatically keep your 2022 AFM number (per your request).  After this date, numbers will be release back into the number pool.  No exceptions. 
  • Numbers Waitlist: Numbers are subject to availability and assigned during the application process, in the order received, with consideration given to the prior year licensee.  If you are a new member or want to change your number, you may be added to a number waitlist if your requested number isn't available.  All 2022 licensed racers will have their number held through January 31, 2023.  After this date, numbers will be released back into the pool on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Payment:  Your payment information will be collected, stored, and deferred.  Payments will be processed for licenses during application review unless otherwise specified.  
  • Processing time and approval:  We will begin processing applications January 1, 2023 and processing times can vary.  Please be sure your credit card is valid with funds available. Should your card be declined, your Application will be placed on HOLD.  Once your license has been approved, you will receive an email from the Licensing Committee.


Pleasant Hill, CA


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AFM - American Fed of Motorcyclist

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