Sat, Sep 28, 2024

Adv Driver Safety School Saturday 28, 2024

New Hampshire Motor Speedway

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Improve your car control skills at our spring Advanced Driving Skills School. The school is held at the advanced driver training facility at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  Whether you are a "seasoned" driver or a beginner, you'll find techniques useful for everyday driving. This school is a recommended if you are interested in attending our High Performance Driving Schools. All makes of cars are welcome.  You need NOT be a BMW club member to participate.  The cost is $125 per driver.  Drivers are welcome to share one car.

Please review the latest WMC Driving School Curriculum  before attending this driving school.  .  A Pre-Event Safety Report is recommended but not required. Feel free to refer to our pre-event safety inspection report Vehicle Tech Form for HPDE - Reference only for ADSS.

This event will operate under State and CDC COVID guidelines.  More details will be provided a week prior to the event.

This event is likely to sell out early.  So don't wait to register!

Questions? Contact the Registrar Bruce Bergeron via email to

Event requirements

BEFORE REGISTERING, please review the following requirements and information:

  • Must have a valid current driver's license and must be 18 years old or older.  
  • There will be a pre-event safety check on the day of the event.
  • To make sure that your vehicle is ready for the event, we recommend reviewing the Tech Inspection form with a qualified mechanic within 3 weeks of event .  While completion of the form  is not required it may avoid surprises on event day.
  • Your vehicle must be suitable for aggressive maneuvers. That includes all street legal passenger cars. Race prepared cars, trucks, SUVs, and other tall or high center of gravity vehicles permitted only at the discretion of the event chairperson.
  • Helmets are not required for this event.
  • Please add a few pounds of air to all tires prior to event.

SCHOOL HOURS: The school will run from 8 AM to 4:30 PM.

CLASSROOM SESSIONS: All participants are required to attend the classroom session to learn about vehicle dynamics and advanced driving techniques. Failure to attend as required will result in loss of driving privileges.

APPROVED VEHICLES: Only vehicles suitable for aggressive maneuvers will be allowed. All registered street legal passenger cars are approved.  Race-prepared vehicles will be permitted at the discretion of the event chairperson. Trucks, SUVs, or other tall or high center of gravity vehicles will be allowed at the discretion of the event chairperson.

VEHICLE TECH INSPECTION: It is strongly recommended (but not required) that all vehicles be safety inspected by a qualified individual/mechanic prior to the event. This inspection should occur within three weeks prior to the event. Each entrant/driver is solely responsible for insuring that his/her vehicle is safe prior to arriving at the event. Failure of any vehicle to pass an on-site safety check will disqualify its driver(s) from participation in the event and your entry fee will be forfeited.

OTHER REQUIREMENTS: All participants must present a valid driver's license and be at least 18 years of age. Seat belts are mandatory and must be securely anchored to the floor and/or stock mountings. Please keep in mind that this is not a racing school but rather a safe, advanced driving skills school, conducted on a paved driving surface under close supervision by experienced instructors. You will learn how to handle and control your vehicle in aggressive maneuvers at low to moderate speeds.

This school will help to prepare you for emergencies in normal driving. It will also allow you to explore your capabilities as a driver and those of your vehicle.

New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Loudon, NH
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Car Control Clinic organized by

BMW CCA - White Mountain Chapter

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Adv Driver Safety School Saturday 28, 2024

Sat, Sep 28, 2024