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68th Cumberland Classic Majors

SCCA - Steel Cities Region - Club Racing

Saturday, May 9 — Sunday, May 10, 2020
Pittsburgh International Race Compl, Wampum, PA

This event was cancelled Apr 16, 2020. Can we show you some more events nearby?

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Please join us for the 68th Annual Cumberland Classic Majors

This event will take place on the combined South/North track at 2.78 miles in length.

This event will be conducted under the 2020 GCR and Category Specifications, as amended for 2020 per "Fast Track" and Supplemental Regulations

Everyone will be required to enter a credit card upon registration.  Payments will be deferred on Motorsportsreg until you come to registration at the event.  Payment may also be made by mailed check or by check, credit card or cash at the track. We will automatically charge the credit card on file unless you let the registrar know at registration that you will be be using and alternate form of payment.  If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the registrar



Volunteer workers are requested to also register online for this event.  This allows us to know how many workers we may need and gives us a headcount for lunches and hospitality dinner on Saturday evening.


Entry Fees:

  • $595  Majors Entry (one driver, one car)  and 3 crew passes (additional crew $10.00)
  • $300 Additional fee for same driver, same car but second class  
  • $30 Compliance fee for  SRF3, FE & FE2
  • $20 Compliance fee for SM
  • $50.00 Late fee for entries made after May 8, 2019 (with input from the competitors we have exteded the late entry date as a courtesy)


All participants are required to be members in good standing of the SCCA and have a valid SCCA Full Competition or SCCA Pro license.  .  Weekend SCCA memberships will be available at registration for a cost of $20.00

Conference Preferred Majors Numbers  will be honored until (TBD), except when drivers holding the same Preferred Number request that number in the same run group.   In that case, the Preferred Number will be assigned to the driver with the earlier entry date.  The Chief Registrar will attempt to contact the affected driver by email or telephone. 

A limited number of enclosed garages are available for rent and limited paddock spots with electrical connections on a first come/first serve basis.  Please contact the track directly for garage rental fees and reservations.  They can be reached at 724-535-1000 or at www.pittrace.com. 

There will be a track test and tune day on Friday May 8th for open practice.  This will be run by the Pittsburgh International Race Complex.  Please contact the track directly at (724) 535-1000 or check their website and look for the link to Motorsportsreg for further information.


Registration Hours at the Track:

Registration is on the first floor of the timing tower.

  • Friday, May 8th =  5pm - 9pm
  • Saturday, May 10th = 6:30am - 11am
  • Sunday, May 11th = 7am - 11am


Tech Hours at the Track

  • Friday, May 8th- 5:30pm - 9pm
  • Saturday, May 9th- 6:45am - 11:30am
  • Sunday, May 10th- 7:30am - 11:30am


A dedicated line for registration will be available for drivers holding a 2020 U.S. Majors Tour Series Registration card

Express Tech is available at registration for U.S. Majors Tour cardholders with a current Annual, a 2020 gear tech, and no notations in the vehicle logbook.  Eligible cardholders must produce the vehicle logbook (with gear inspection notation) in order to receive a tech sticker.