Sun, Jul 24, 2022

6-, 9- or 12-Lap Stock Car Racing Experience

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

About this event

Al Lane's The Racing School provides NASCAR and thrill seekers with a unique chance to sit behind the wheel and drive a real NASCAR type racecar! We promise to never forget that driving a racecar is simply a blast! Whether it's your first time or forty-first time, you can't help but feel the excitement each time you're behind the wheel. We pride ourselves in doing our best to impart well over 100 years of racing experience onto each and every student. We provide you with classroom instruction on how to drive a real racecar and then YOU take the wheel. We offer professional, personal attention, top-notch instruction and plenty of driving time. Our participants typically drive for more than at other schools offering similar programs. No special skills are required to take a class other than the ability to operate a vehicle, automatic and manual racecars available. No lead car! Passing allowed and encouraged! The Racing School is the experience of a lifetime!

What to Expect: The whole driving experience will last about 2.5 - 3.5 hours long. You will arrive half an hour earlier than your scheduled time to fill out paperwork and get your suit and helmet. Once your scheduled time begins, you will start a 45-minute orientation. After, you will head to the track in small groups of 4-5 people. You will be strapped into your designated racecar by a TRS official and you will start driving by yourself in the racecar!

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

Thompson, CT
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Al Lane's The Racing School

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