Fri, May 2 - Mon, May 5, 2025

4-Day Grand Prix Road Racing Course

Radford Racing School

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Many different types of students enroll in our Grand Prix Road Racing program. Novice drivers to seasoned racers agree this course proved to be one of the most valuable experiences of their lifetime. The class is demanding, the challenges real, and the concentration it takes to complete this course will be rewarding for every student. It can also put you on the fast track to earn your SCCA License, which will be determined by your Radford instructor.

Although beginners may enroll, we recommend being proficient with a manual transmission to get the most out of this course. 80% of your time is spent behind the wheel, while the remaining 20% is spent in-classroom. Our signature 3:1 student to instructor ratio guarantees personalized instruction second to none.


Day One includes most of the classroom time in this course to ensure a solid foundation of car control and theory is paved before getting behind the wheel. Performance driving concepts, heel-toe downshifting, evasive maneuvers, vehicle weight transfer, and handling exercises will be the focus points for this day.


Day Two begins with a recap before student’s head to the skills pad once again to master skid control in one of the most effective tools at the school, the skid car. High speed braking and another handling exercise will cap off the morning before heading to the track for an introduction and flag talk. The rest of the day will consist of lead-and-follow scenarios, dialing in the correct racing line, before ending with open track time.


Day Three picks up the pace with the prior days information being put to the test with a day full of track time! Instructors will ride with you and personally coach you through each turn, showing cornering techniques, early and late apex points, and the quickest way around the track. On your own, you will have the opportunity to go as fast as your new abilities will take you. Real use of SCCA rules, racing etiquette, and racing flags are put into play. You will experience the adrenaline rush of being out on a track at speed while discovering a newfound respect for everyone who has competed in the motorsports arena.


Day Four will hone your skills even further – Proficient with the track layout and car control, you now start all over by jumping into a single seat, open wheel Ligier JS F4 Open Wheel Formula race car. The fourth day is also all track time! Getting the Formula F4 race cars quickly up to speed, you’ll experience the thrill of driving these responsive, lightweight machines. The day concludes with a graduation ceremony, parting words, and SCCA accreditation if applicable.


An Authorized Racing School of SCCA, Formula 4, and Formula America


Event requirements

What to Know Before Your Course

  • It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED students are proficient in manual transmission.
    • Automatic transmission can be accommodated; however students will not be able to drive open-wheel Formula 4 racecars on day four. Students will instead enjoy an additional day of track time. Please call with any questions or concerns (480) 403-7624.
  • Helmets are NOT provided.
    • Students may bring their own full-face helmets that are HANS compatible and rated SA2015 or higher.
    • Students may purchase a full-face helmet on site for $189.99.

What to Know Before Driving our Formula 4 Racecars

  • Driving shoes are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  • Height and weight restrictions apply. Generally, drivers must be under 6’4″ and/or under 250 lbs. with a shoe size less than 12.
    • Please call with any questions or concerns (480) 403-7624.


Radford Racing School

Chandler, AZ
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Radford Racing School - GT Road Racing

4-Day Grand Prix Road Racing Course

Fri, May 2 - Mon, May 5, 2025