Mon, Jan 1 - Sat, Jul 12, 2025

2024 VRCBC Membership

VRCBC Membership

About this event

Membership fees currently are: 

  • Regular Membership: $70.00
  • Family Membership: $80.00
  • Bronze Membership: $150.00
  • Silver Membership: $300.00
  • Gold Membership: $500.00

** Membership dues may be increased at our AGM in January. **

For membership requirements see the VRCBC Bylaws: 
Synopsis for Family requirements: Family 

  • Second Family Member: May be your 'Significant Other' who is living with you, or any other QUALIFYING family member. This member may vote at meetings (you are considered to be the First Family Member).
  • Other QUALIFYING family members (do not have voting privileges):
    • Your child (or significant other's child) that is under the age of majority.
    • Your grandchild (or significant other's grandchild) that is under the age of majority.

Event requirements

Please make an effort to attend our regular monthly meetings so you remain informed about the club's activities.

Family Members (if you choose the family membership) may be:

  • Significant Other
  • Children under the age of majority
  • Grandchildren under the age of majority

VRCBC Membership

Mission, BC


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Vintage Racing Club of BC

2024 VRCBC Membership

Mon, Jan 1 - Sat, Jul 12, 2025