Sat, Feb 10, 2024

2024 SCCA NEDIV Convention

Radisson Lackawanna Station

About this event

Join us on February 10  at the Radisson Lackawanna Station in Scranton, PA for the 2024 NEDiv Mini Convention!

Since 1944, SCCA has existed to provide a place for auto enthusiasts and motorsports fans to come together and enjoy a shared passion.  “I came for the cars but stayed for the people.”

On Saturday the NEDiv Convention has full day of information about all of SCCA: region management, membership development and program support for your region.  SCCA National Staff will be attending the convention to support NEDiv. We kick off with presentaions from SCCA National staff and the sessions end with the NEDiv Council meeting.

On Saturday evening our SCCA family will be stepping into 1958 to be part of the musical romantic comedy GREASE which was released in 1978. Join in the fun with a costume to be part of the "T-Birds greaser gang"- the rival gang Scorpions" - the "Pink Ladies greaser girl clique" - a "jock" - or an Australian transfer student. First, second and third place prizes will be given for "Most Creative Costumes" in keeping with the "Grease" theme. As part of its 10th year Anniversary Celebration, the NEDiv Road Racing Series will be presenting Championship Awards.

A hot buffet dinner will be served after the cocktail hour, finishing with an Ice Cream Sundae Station and dancing.


Rooms are being held at the Radisson hotel for attendees for Friday and Saturday nights until January 25 at $149.00 per night for SCCA members.

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On site check in starts at 7:30AM in the area of the Ballroom.

From 9:00 AM – Noon the Convention will feature:

Mike Cobb,  SCCA President and CEO – Mr. Cobb leads us into Celebrating the 80 Anniversary of SCCA by looking back and moving forward.

Kristen Poole, Director of Marketing and Communications – Kristen will share practices and processes that will help your region reach potential members, while keeping your current members informed and engaged. Kristen will also hold Office Hours to answer questions and help you with your region’s needs.

Chris Robbins, Director of Region Development –Chris will share updates on the SCCA Academy as well as what the Region Services department can do for your region

Following these speakers,  we will remain in the Ballroom for lunch.

From 1:00PM to 4:00PM the following sessions will be presented:

SCCA Foundation

Jeff Jacobs and Linda Santangelo-Mosley will share information about all the programs that the SCCA Foundation supports and opportunities for Regions and Members to support the Foundation.

Road Racing
Sandi Kryder, NEDIV Divisional Administrator – Registration,  will lead a presentation to help regions set up registrations in MSR which will lead participants to better participation in SCCA Annual Waivers and thereby smooth the Registration/Check In process at events.  While this session is aimed at Road Racing Registrars,  much of it is applicable to other programs.

Easy Access - Jon Krolewicz, Sr. Manager Regional Track Program Development, has information about how your region can use the updated (Club) Racing Experience to build better events,  attract new drivers and grow your region’s program.

Steward Training – Matias Bonnier, NEDIV Executive Steward

Updates for Road Racing Stewards about changes in the program, updated forms and ways to build consistent practices in the NEDIV Road Racing Program

Road Racing in NEDIV 2023 and into 2024  - a review of last year and plans for 2024 - Greg Amy, NEDIV Majors Chair, Chris Mosley, NEDRRC Chair and Matias Bonnier.

Board of Directors

BOD Update:  Bob Crawford, Area 2 Director, will lead a presentation on the SCCA Board activities, direction and responsibilities.  Chuck Dobbs, Area 10 Director and Peter Schneider, Area 1 Director will also participate.

Office hours:  a room has been set aside for each Director to meet with members from his area to get acquainted.

Road Rally

Award winning RoadRally Organizer, Clyde Heckler, will demonstrate and teach how your region can build a Road Rally using the Richta App. Road Rally can help your region attract new members and enhance activities for current members.


Rick Myers, Director of Rally/Solo will give a program status update.  He is also a resource for regions that want to start a program.


Jim Garry, Divisional Solo Safety Steward will lead Advanced Solo Safety Steward training. While the SCCA Academy online course provides initial & continued education for Solo Safety Stewards, the training offered in this course is a deeper dive into safety issues and a look at how to deal with specific circumstances that may occur at an autocross. This course will help make a licensed SSS a more rounded steward and is a good step toward fulfilling requirements to become a Solo Safety Steward Instructor.

Greg Vincent, Solo Development Advisory Committee and Rick Myers will cover Solo Program updates and opportunities.

Rick Myers will provide information which the SCCA National Office is using to help with Solo and RallyX Site Acquisition.  This group has been able to successfully open doors at properties where Regions just needed an opportunity, while coaching Regions on how to keep great site relationships.

Track Events and Time Trials

Success Stories - Matt Greenland, NEDIV TT/TE Steward and John Hunter, SCCA Time Trials Event Manager will share success stories of regions which have built successful Track Event and Time Trials programs.  This will also be a great opportunity to get access to people who can help your region get started.

Tips and Tricks for building a TE/TT event in your region - John Hunter and Kathy Barnes will work with you to see how Track Event and Time Trials sessions can be added into your race weekends to enhance the success of the weekend and grow membership.  Bring your event schedule and we will work with you.

NEDIV Council

All Regions in NEDIV have a vote in the council.  Reports from competition programs, election of officers and opportunities for the future of the Council.

At 6:00PM,  we will return to the Ballroom for a cocktail hour and the NEDIV Legacy Awards:  Brian Holtz Memorial Award, Lew Miller Worker of the Year, NEDIV Driver of the Year and NEDIV Rookie of the Year.

Following dinner,  the NEDIV Road Racing Championship awards will be presented.

What else?  Ice Cream Sundae bar and awards for the most creative costumes in keeping with the “Grease” theme of the evening.


The Convention sessions  will start at 9:00AM on Saturday 2/10/2024



Attendees (80)

Rose Wakemen
James C Wakemen
Roger Welling
Valerie Farret
Allan Kintz
David Hammer
John Ferreira
Tristan R Welling

Radisson Lackawanna Station

Scranton, PA


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SCCA - NorthEast Division

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