Sun, Dec 1, 2024

2024 Points Card (Optional)

Lake Elsinore Storm Stadium

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Would you like to get discounts for the Corner Exit 2024 Season? This "Event" is actually to reserve a pointscard for the season. Included you get

-A reserved number that is NOT in the 600 range! 

-Ability to score points towards our 2024 Autocross And Touge Challenge Series Championships!

-2024 Series T-Shirt

-Corner Exit Tuning Journal/Notebook.

And finally

-Discounts on all events for the year (goes into effect after you purchase the pointscard).

Event requirements


Purchase of a pointscard is NOT a requirement to run with us! All benifits of the card will only go into effect after purchase, which means you can't buy a pointscard in October and expect to score points for all previous events. 

As of 11/13/2023 we have not finalized our shirt and sponsors for 2024 so we don't have a design up YET, but we will have a 2024 shirt and we realize the event photo is currently the 2023 design.

Lake Elsinore Storm Stadium

500 Diamond Dr, Lake, CA


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