Sat, May 18, 2024

2024 Ohio Milk Run Rally

Green Leaf Restaurant

About this event

Ohio Milk Run Rally

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Neohio Region, SCCA invites you to enter the 2024 Ohio Milk Run Rally (OMR)Competitors can expect an absolutely straightforward, gimmick-free, Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) road rally with emphasis on precise timing at well placed controls. The ~180 mile route will wind through the hills of Ohio's Wayne, Holmes, Coshocton, Knox, and surrounding counties. The Milk Run name is an homage to a motorcycle enduro that ran in the same area.

The rally will count toward both the SCCA Great Lakes Division (GLD) Rally Championship, and the SCCA National Touring Rally (NTR) Championship (Divisional Rally).

Start Location:  Green Leaf Restaurant, 2905 Cleveland Rd., Wooster, Ohio 44691 (Latitude N40.83500˚, Longitude W081.92907˚).

Tentative Schedule (all times EDT):

Saturday, May 11, 2024:

     23:59 - Early entry cutoff

Wednesday, May 15, 2024:

     18:00 - Registration closes. General Instructions, and Richta password distributed via email.

Saturday, May 18, 2024:

     10:30-11:30 - On-site registration.

     10:45 - Novice competitor orientation

     12:01 - Car #1 starts rally.

     19:00 (approx) - Car #1 finishes

      20:00 (approx) - Awards.

Competition Classes:

     E - Equipment unrestricted.

     L - Odometer unrestricted. Calculating device restricted only in that it may not be integrated with odometer.

     G - GPS-derived odometer only, and any calculating device.

     S - Stock odometer only. Calculating device restricted only in that it may not be integrated with odometer.

     Novice - Class S entry in which neither team member has previously entered more than 5 TSD rallies.

Entry Fees:

     SCCA Members (driver and/or navigator has annual membership): $50.00/car before early entry cutoff, $60.00/car thereafter.

     Others: Add $20.00 to above (member) fees (to purchase the mandated SCCA Weekend membership for one team member).

         Individuals who purchase a Weekend membership are eligible for a $15.00 credit toward an annual SCCA membership for 60(?) days following the rally.

Additional Information (Rallymaster): Ron Johnstonbaugh, Ph. 330.807.5293, or email:


Please take a moment to update your MSR profile to reflect your current address, email address, phone number, etc. Be sure that your name appears exactly as printed on your SCCA Membership card. If the names does not match, automatic membership validation will not work.

SCCA members are urged to apply for an annual waiver so that they can bypass the signing of a paper waiver at each SCCA event.

IF EITHER TEAM MEMBER IS A MINOR, PLEASE CONTACT THE ORGANIZERS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO OBTAIN AN SCCA MINOR WAIVER FORM.  This form must be properly executed in advance of the rally by the minor's parents/guardian.

This rally will be timed with the Richta automated checkpoint system.  Each team must carry a "smart" phone or tablet (Android or iOS) running the current version of the Richta Competitor "app".  Look for "Competitor Richta GPS Checkpoints" app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store or click on the appropriate link:
Prior to the rally, all of the checkpoint information (Latitude/Longitude coordinates and target arrival times) will be uploaded to the "cloud". All teams will receive a password that will allow them to download this information. Competitors will NOT be able to view checkpoint information in advance. Upon arrival at each checkpoint, a team's Richta device will sound an alert. It will then display the team's recorded arrival time, its score for that control, and its cumulative score. The device may also display leg "critique" information provided by the rallymaster.

Some helpful Richta user information can be found on the Detroit Region, SCCA website:

Teams are encouraged to register a second (backup) phone or tablet under a "phantom" car number 100 greater than their assigned car number (i.e. Car #1/101, Car #2/102, etc.).  The second device will serve as an arrival time "insurance policy", and will help organizers gain a better understanding of the relative timing behavior of various platforms. It will not be used for scoring unless there is a failure of the primary device.


Event requirements

 Please read carefully:

If you are registering yourself for the first time, and you will be paying for the event entry, please choose Option 1 on the order form and follow the prompts.

If you are registering as a co-entrant and your partner has already registered, please choose Option 2 on the order form.

If you do not already have a account, click the 'Create New Account' button below. You will be asked to input your member number and Region of Record.  This is your SCCA Membership number and home region. You must have this information in your user profile to avoid needing a weekend membership for this event (MAKE SURE THAT THE NAME IN YOUR USER PROFILE MATCHES THE NAME THAT APPEARS ON YOUR SCCA MEMBERSHIP CARD EXACTLY.  If these names do not match, the member verification process will not validate your membership.)


Entries (8)

Bruce Blow
Bruce Fisher
Robert Moran
Merav Cronin
Jeremy Cronin
Jeff Malcolm
Alyson Schwanitz
Kyle Ellsasser

Green Leaf Restaurant

Wooster, OH


Road Rally organized by

SCCA - Neohio Region - Road Rally

2024 Ohio Milk Run Rally

Sat, May 18, 2024