Sat, Oct 21 - Sun, Oct 22, 2023

2023 SARRC Invitational Challenge

Roebling Road Raceway

About this event

Rules: This event is held under the SCCA General Competition Rules and the category specifications as amended by any subsequent racing bulletins listed in FasTrack. This event is also governed by 2023 SEDIV SARRC and SEDIV Region Class rules found on the SEDIV website, .

Driver Eligibility  Drivers must have a current SCCA full competition license or a current novice permit with school requirements signed off by a Chief Steward. Only drivers who have entered 2 or more SARRC weekends in the 2023 race season are eligible to compete in the SIC (must be in the same class that they ran at least 2 weekends in) (no waivers to this rule). The 2023 SARRC Championship will be determined by accumulated regular season points (six race max) including the Saturday SIC races plus 2 times regular season points for the SIC finish.  Example-1st- 50, 2nd- 42, 3rd-36, 4th 34, etc.  There are no bonus points for the Sunday SIC race.

Passes: Each entry is entitled to five passes including the driver, entrant, and crew. Only those who are SCCA members are allowed access to the track side of the pit fence. Temporary memberships may be obtained at registration. 

Link to Supps and Schedule   230823 SIC Supps 2023.pdf    DRIVERS LETTER:  2023 SIC DRIVERS LETTER.pdf

Event Costs:   All entry fees must be paid by credit or debit card. A $100 fee will be charged to drivers who register but do not cancel their entry before 8 AM, October 17th. If you run the test day and are unable to continue, you must notify the registrar before noon on October 21st. No refunds will be granted if you enter pit road or the track at any entry point on Sat or Sun.  On-line registration will close the Tuesday before the event at 8:00 A.M. A late fee of $100 will apply after that time.  The SIC entry fee will be $375. (SRF3 & FE2 add $30 SCCA Compliance fee).. Note--($40 minimum ] from each entry fee will be used to help workers pay for personal expenses, i.e., travel, hotel, food, etc.) Please read the driver eligibility paragraph prior to attempting to enter this event. 

Event requirements

There is a test day but that is a separate event run by the track.  You just need to show up Friday morning and pay.  There is no preregistration for the test day.  Gates for the test day will open Thursday evening.

RACE GROUPS- (Groups with fewer than 15 cars may be combined)

Group 1 EP, FP, HP, SPU, GT Lite, STU, STL


Group 3 FV, F600, FF, CF, FST, FC (Split start for FV)

Group 4 ITB, ITC, T3, T4, B-spec, C-Spec, SRF, SRF3-Split start for SRF/SRF3

Group 5 GT1, GT2, GT3, GTA, GTX, AS, T1, T2, SPO, SC, ASR, ITO

Group 6 ITR, ITS, ITA, MXP, IT7R , IT7

Group 7 FA, FE, FE2, FX, FS, P1, P2

Entries (234)

Olivier Piatek
Mary Clark
G Steven Hampton
Bob Gardner
Jacek Mucha
Jack Abbott
Steve Keadle
Bill Clark

Roebling Road Raceway

Bloomingdale, GA
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Club Race organized by

SCCA - Southeast Division - Club Racing

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