Sat, Sep 9 - Sun, Sep 10, 2023

2023 RMVR Fall Sprints

Pueblo Motorsports Park

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RMVR Fall Sprints
Pueblo Motorsports Park
September 9-10, 2023

Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing will celebrate the arrival of fall in our 40th Anniversary Season with a weekend of classic vintage sprint races at Pueblo’s historic road course. And to add a touch of whimsy, Chevrolet’s controversial Corvair is the featured marque.

Sneer if you will, non-believers; the Corvair chalked up an impressive list of American ‘firsts’ when it hit the streets as a 1960 model, and nearly 1.8 million Corvair vehicles were produced before production ceased on May 14, 1969. Many young enthusiasts of the era learned about oversteer behind the wheel of a Corvair.     

And here’s a little-known fact:  The first air-cooled flat six Porsche was built by Chevrolet; a 356 coupe converted as a  Corvair drivetrain test vehicle! Click HERE for additional Corvair historical tidbits.

We don’t envision a Corvair run group or flood of Corvair racers in Small Bore – the plan is to invite local and regional Corvair clubs to drive their cars to the track to enjoy some lunchtime parade laps. A parking area will be reserved for the Corvairs, and we’ll have the opportunity to swap lies with the owners at Saturday evening’s Happy Hour. 


Happy Hour is open to all volunteers and competitors. We’ll have beer, soft drinks and water, plus some sort of handy snack food. There is no charge, but there will be a donation plate for contributions to the Worker Fund.

Bonus!  PMP will host RMVR-ONLY open lapping on Friday, September 8. It’s perfect for getting your Pueblo groove re-established. To register for Friday lapping, visit PMP’s web site HERE.

NEW THIS YEAR there can be a CO-DRIVER for your car.  You must already be registered for the two-day event for a CO-DRIVER to then register to drive your car. Your co-driver must log-in under their username and password and sign up using the Optional CO-DRIVER  choice.  (They should NOT sign up for the weekend entry.)  Cost for them is $50.  Current Membership required, as always.

ALSO NEW THIS YEAR an added Run Group dedicated to "Fast Formula & Sports Racer" cars:  Our RMVR Regular Run Groups are: Small Bore Production cars, Mid-Big Bore Production cars, Formula Ford, Formula Vee.  This year RMVR is inviting select Faster Formula and Sports Racer cars from other race organizations to come race with us! This added dedicated run group will be anchored by all our existing faster RMVR vintage Open-Wheel/Sports Racer cars (e.g. Air-cooled FSV, FB, SRs, F5000 etc.). Invited cars include all Post ’81 Formula Fords * SRs  (Kent and Fit powered), FC/F2000 (Pinto powered), S2000 (Pinto powered), water-cooled FSV, Formula Mazda, and SCCA FX/FC/FE/FE2/ESR . These invited Formula or Sports Racers must have a current logbook and annual inspection from a VMC organization, SCCA, or NASA.  When entering these invited Post '81 cars, please select "Post-'81 Formula & SRs" when prompted as the class.

ENTRY FEES:  Your credit card won’t be charged until after race weekend, so SIGN UP HERE NOW for the Full Two-Day regular competition weekend.

•  $385 - “Early Birds” registering before August 18th 

•  $410 – registering between August 18th and August 30th

•  $485 - “Fence-Sitter’s” registering after August 30th

•  Online Registration closes September 5 at midnight. After this, call or e-mail RMVR Admin, Linae Schakel, (; 303 319-3062) for late entry. Last minute phoned-in or at-event registrations are $560.       

WORKERS & VOLUNTEERS:  To sign on and get up close and personal at this event, please click HERE.

Tech: Don't forget to get your Annual Tech done BEFORE you get to the track. Here's more info on the benefits to you of doing this and how/where to get it done.

Race Chair:  Eric Schakel;  303 660-0914

Co-Chair:  Ralph Nader;

Event requirements

Important Stuff To Read Before Proceeding

Cars which DO NOT have an RMVR logbook:  Drivers must hold a valid up-to-date medical exam AND a current Competition License. Cars must be prepared to conform to that organization’s preparation and safety rules.  Entrants must present a self-inspection RMVR Event Tech Inspection Form at regsitration.

  • Production Race cars without an RMVR or VMC logbook:  Such cars are welcome. Please select "Exibition" as the car's class when entering.
  • Invited Post-'81 Formula and Sports Racer cars:  Includes post ’81 Formula Fords (Kent and Fit powered), FC/F2000 (Pinto powered), S2000 (Pinto powered), water-cooled FSV, Formula Mazda, and SCCA FX/FC/FE/FE2/ESR. The invited Formula or Sports Racers must be from a VMC organization, SCCA, or NASA. Please select "Post-'81 Formula & SRs" as the car's class when entering.

For CO-DRIVERs If you are sharing a car with another driver for the weekend as a CO-Driver, the owner of the car must register first. The second driver can then register for the event using the "CO-DRIVER" entry option.  You'll need to select the shared car/driver (who will have already entered). The second driver MUST also go thru registration Saturday morning and have a valid competition license and medical.

"Double-Driven" Cars:  As always, will require each driver to make a regular weekend race entry, one for each particpant, each driving the car in their own Run Group.

Please double check the transponder number listed in the car's profile to be sure it is correct.

When entering you might be required to pay a membership fee in order to complete your registration. It will be good for the entire year.  After Labor Day, that RMVR membership will be good for all of the following year.

Entries (87)

Stu Hicklin
Thomas Meurer
John Mihalich, Jr.
Ted Thurber
Chris Longstreet
Alan Hofeling
Spencer Hicklin
Scott Conrad

Pueblo Motorsports Park

Pueblo, CO
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