Thu, Jul 13, 2023

2023 NWSC Advanced Day at IMS

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

About this event

NWSC at Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

NWSC Advanced drivers, join us for another chance of a lifetime opportunity to run the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course on Thursday, July 13th from 9am. to 5pm.  This will be an open track format where you can run as much as you want for as long as you want.  Passing will be open with a point by.  Due to IMS Open Track rules, Passengers are NOT allowed for this event.

Cost for this event is only $400/car.   

NWSC will  be allowed on the IMS grounds for load in beginning Wednesday morning  at 8:30am, July 12th. 

There is no food or vending at the track. There is also no gasoline at the track.  So plan accordingly. 

Event requirements

Thursday is for advanced drivers only, those drivers with 25 or more HPDE track days. It is a true open track day, no run groups, unlimited running.  Due to IMS Open Track rules, Passengers are NOT allowed for this event.

Cost: $400

Event is open to ALL Car Makes.

The TECH form must be completed in order to register for an event. This is a one time process. If you do 1 event or multiple events you only need to complete the TECH form once per year. 2023 NWSC TECH Form Link

You must be a Northwoods Shelby Club member to drive in the event, this includes co-drivers. If you are going to drive a car on track you must be a club member AND 18 OR OLDER. See link below to renew or become a new member. Membership Link

All drivers must be 18 or older in order to participate.

Schedule: IMS Schedule

HPDE Insurance Link: Lockton Motorsports

All helmets for drivers and passengers must have a SNELL SA 2015, or better rating. The following ratings are approved;  SA2015, SA2020, EA2016.  Snell M rated helmets will NOT be accepted.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis, IN
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Northwoods Region Shelby Club

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