Sun, Jan 1 - Sun, Dec 31, 2023

2023 Kansas City Karting Assoc. Membership

Kansas City Karting Association

About this event

Kansas City Karting Assocation, where a family comes together and creates the best racing atmosphere in the nation!

We are a membership based non for profit organization that has a track located in Liberty, MO. 

For 2023 we are running an 8 race series, 4 weekends of Saturday/Sunday racing. 

Membership Details:

  • Discounted Race Entry Fees
  • Discounted Transponder Rental Fees
  • 24/7 Access to our facility (except the 3rd Friday and Saturday of every month)
  • Family Memberships - Meaning everyone under the same roof is included in one family membership fee

Event requirements

KCKA Membership Practice Day Rules

  • Open Practice is for KCKA club members only
  • Track is closed on the 3rd Friday and Saturday of the Month
  • You are at your own risk. Insurance is only provided on race days
  • KCKA and Track owner are Not Responsible for accidents
  • You may not practice until you sign in at the scale house
  • Please be respectful of other drivers
  • Run like karts together on the track
    • Kid karts with Kid Karts, Cadets with Cadets, Full Size with Full Size
    • Non like karts maybe only be run at slow speeds for teaching purposes only
  • No wheel-to-wheel racing
  • No one is allowed at the track who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • All proper safety gear must be always worn while on track
  • No profanity or altercations with another person/participant
    • This is a family environment, lets keep it that way
  • Failure to abide by rules will be grounds for membership termination without refund.



KCKA 2023 Race Scheduele 

  • March 25th -Test & Tune
  • April 1st - Race 1 – Full track, CW
  • April 2nd - Race 2 – Full track, CCW
  • April 23rd - Make-up
  • June 24th - Race 3 – Short CW
  • June 25th - Race 4 – Full track, CW - Liberty Cup Race 1
  • July 29th - Race 5 – Garnett, KS
  • July 30th - Race 6 - Garnett, KS
  • August 5th - Make-up
  • August 6th - Make-up
  • August 26th -Bonus Race - Garnett, KS Night Race *** Pending Sponsor Interest***
  • September 23rd - Race 7 – Full track, CCW - Liberty Cup Race 2
  • September 24th  - Race 8 - Full track, CW
  • October 21st  - Make-up
  • October 22nd - Make-up


  • Race group make-up and race order will be determined upon completion of registration 
  • Classes may be mixed dependent upon the number of entrants. i.e., Briggs 206 & Clone
  • Prompt starts will be enforced
  • All drivers, crew & race guests are to have wristbands. Race points will be forfeited if team guests, or members fail to adhere. It is the driver/team responsibility to enforce.
  • It is the Race Director’s discretion to change running order or delay starts.
  • Refer to website for all current rules, classes and weights
  • Track configuration; CW indicates Clockwise, CCW indicates Counterclockwise

Kansas City Karting Association

Liberty, MO


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Kansas City Karting Association

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