Sat, Apr 22 - Sun, Apr 23, 2023

2023 Jim Stark Double SARRC Race

Roebling Road Raceway

About this event

Jim Stark Double SARRC

April 22 & 23, 2023 ROEBLING ROAD RACEWAY

Bloomingdale, GA


Each driver must be a current SCCA member, and must also hold a current SCCA Competition License per the GCR or a current license from an organization recognized by SCCA (see GCR Appendix C.2.8 and FastTrack updates for the complete list). The SCCA requirement is satisfied by SCCA Probation letters and SCCA Novice Permits with Drivers School requirements signed off.

Entry fee for the event per driver/per car is $425 (with applicable compliance fee for SRF, SRF3, FE and FE2). Running one car in two separate race groups requires two separate race entries. Additional fee per additional driver(s) per car will be $75 per additional driver / per car to cover additional sanction fees and insurance fees.  You will need to enter your credit card number on the payment screen in order to complete your registration. However, you do not have to pay at that time, your card will be charged when you check in at registration. Credit / Debit cards only will be accepted as payment for entry fees. Check and cash payment is not available.

This event is held under the 2023 SCCA General Competition Rules; the category specifications as amended by any subsequent racing bulletins listed in FasTrack during the year 2023 and the 2023 South Atlantic Road Racing Championship (SARRC). These rules can be found at and

Links to the Supps / Schedule and Drivers Meeting Letter are below:

2023_Jim_Stark_Sched-Supp 16Feb.pdf

2023 Jim Stark Drivers Meeting Letter.pdf


Group 1: ITS, ITA, ITB, ITC, IT7, ITR, IT7R, STU, STL, T3, T4, T5

Group 2: FA, FC, FX, FS, FE, FE2, P1, P2

Group 3: SRF, SRF3, SPU, EP, FP, HP, GTL, B-Spec, MXP

Group 4: FV, F6, FF, FST, CF

Group 5: ASR, GT1, GT2, GT3, AS, SPO, GTA, T1, T2, ITO, GTX, SC


Note, new this year- a forward facing video camera must be continuously recording any time a vehicle is on track.  Full wording from the GCR is at this link:  GCR 9.3.11 Cameras.pdf

Event requirements

Go to Roebling Road Raceway for test day information, camping information, electricity, garages or directions. Camping is available Thursday night through Saturday night. Electricity is available and covered garages are available for a fee paid to the track.

Entries (219)

Locke Mccormick
Robert Cone
Steve Tye
Dan Lackore
Ben Tyler
Megan Tyler
Hoosier Hoosier
Tucker Martin

Roebling Road Raceway

Bloomingdale, GA
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SCCA - Buccaneer Region

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