Wed, Jul 12, 2023

2023 INWR Twilight Drivers Education

Qlispé Raceway Park

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INWR PCA Twighlight Drivers Education

Qlispé Raceway Park - Wednesday, July 12, 2023


The Porsche Club of America (PCA) prides itself in having one of the most extensive Driver Education (DE) programs available to the amateur driver of Porsche or any other make of vehicle. The INWR DE Program follows the guidelines and training made available to each region by the PCA.

All drivers attend a mandatory meeting prior to going on the track with novices attending a longer version where they will learn key objectives of driving at a race track and how the day works. While at the track, novices will have an instructor who will be with them for as much of the day as required to gain a level of comfort and safety with the experience of track driving.

There are different RUN GROUPS for DE matched to driver experience level and car capability.  An instructor will be assigned to all NOVICE drivers. They will be in the car until the driver is approved to drive solo. Advanced drivers with a history at INWR DE will continue at their last INWR DE level. New drivers to the INWR DE program must be checked out by an Instructor for assignment to the appropriate RUN GROUP. This requirement can be waived by the INWR Chief Driving Instructor (CDI).

Run groups will be determined after review of all the drivers registered. Traditional run groups are NOVICE, INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED, INSTRUCTOR. Some NOVICE drivers may be cleared to drive solo in the NOVICE GROUP. Groups will run individually in each session. Generally there are four to five sessions during a DE. The sessions are 20-25 minutes. If time permits a final RUN GROUP of INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED/INSTRUCTOR will be allowed one final session. As you progress in your skills and you choose to be advanced to the next run group, there will be an instructor assigned to certify that you are ready for the next level.  Requests to advance levels must be made to the CDI.

  • There will be no timing or competition allowed at the event.
  • Non Porsche Club participants and Non-Porsche vehicles are welcome!
  • PCA Certified Instructors are available to all participants, please register early to avoid losing track time waiting for an available instructor.
  • Light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be catered.
  • The event starts at 4:00PM with participants encouraged to be there at 3:00PM.
  • A trackside inspection of your car, display of the completed inspection form and helmet check will be done prior to any track time.
  • The DE will start with a "track walk" to view proper lines, ques, and turn-in points for the raceway, lasting about an hour.
  • A drivers meeting will be held where RUN GROUP and Instructor assignments will be made. 
  • All registrants will remain at the track at the end of the event to assist with gear recovery and loading.

The registration fee for this 1-Day event is $135 through June 16 2023, $150 between June 17 and July 5.  All registration is through

For the latest Event and Drivers Education information please check at INWR Website (

For PCA recognized instructors who wish to instruct. After registering for the event as an instructor, you will be contacted the INWR PCA Chief Driver Instructor to confirm your assignment as an instructor. If instructing, you will not  be charged to participate in the event. 

Event requirements

Vehicle Inspection: All cars must pass a safety inspection within 30 days prior to participating at a Track DE event at Qlispé Raceway Park. PCA has issued a new inspection form for 2023. The form can be read, downloaded, and printed by using the below ink. Self inspections are not allowed. 

Remember to bring the completed inspection form with you to the track

Free Inspection: Porsche of Spokane and Precision German Garage offer a free inspection of your Porsche. The participant must schedule the inspection through their service department during their normal hours. Other shops will inspect your car for a fee.

Inspection form: 2023 - INWR DE - Tech Inspection Form.docx

Brakes: The brake pads must be 3/16"/4.88mm or more minimum thickness. The brake fluid in the car must have been flushed within 12 months of the inspection.

Tires: The tires on the car must be the correct speed rating specified by the manufacturer.  An inspection of your tires will be made prior to each event. 

Helmets: Snell rated SA2015/M2015/K2015 or newer are required.  FIA 8859-2018 certified helmets meet the Snell 2015/2020 certification. DOT approved helmets do not meet these standards.

Safety Restraints: Factory or better installation in both seats; must be securely mounted; belts not frayed; equal restraints for passenger and driver. 4 point harnesses prohibited except Schroth Quick Fit on Schroth-approved car models only. 5-, 6- and 7-point harnesses must use seat with factory routing holes. Expiration dates adhere to SFI and FIA notification in DE Minimum Standards. The same rule applies to the passenger seat if a passenger rides in the car.

Head and Neck Restraint: Required with harness. The same rule applies to the passenger seat if a passenger rides in the car.

Cabriolet/Convertible Cars: Any make of car delivered with factory installed roll over protection meets the minimum standards for PCA DE events. In these cars, we recommend the soft-top be in the up position or the hard top installed. If the top is in the down position, an SFI and/or FIA approved arm restraint system must be used. If a car does not have factory installed roll over protection, a roll bar or roll cage must be installed, which meets the "broomstick" rule (the driver's helmeted head is below a bar placed on top of the roll bar and windshield). Design, installation and materials of roll bars or cages and their installation must meet PCA Club Racing specifications, contained in Appendix A-Roll Cage Specifications of the PCA Club Racing Rules. All Targa tops must be installed unless there is additional roll over protection. All sunroofs must be in the closed position. The windshield alone is not considered to be factory roll over protection.

Attire: Wear a cotton T-Shirt, Long Cotton pants and closed shoes.  Driving gloves and shoes are optional

Drivers License: Minimum age 18 with a valid, non-restricted driver's license.

PCA Membership: No club membership is required for this event; however if the event is over subscribed and has a wait list, preference is given to PCA members.

Porsche Ownership: You don’t need a Porsche to participate; all models and makes that pass the safety inspection are welcome.

Refund and Cancellation Policy: Your Event Registration is not final until payment has been received. There is a minimum number of registrations required for the DE and you will not be charged until the minimum number is reached. Your registration status will remain "New" until the minimum number is achieved at which time it will be changed to "Confirmed". We reserve the right to cancel the DE if the minimum class size has not been reached. If we cancel the DE you will get a full refund.


After the minimum DE number has been exceeded and you desire to cancel your registration prior to July 5, 2023, you will get a full refund, less any fees incurred. If after July 5, 2023 you wish to cancel and if we are able to find someone to take your place, a refund will be issued, less any fees incurred. If we cannot find someone to take your place, there will be NO refund.

If you do not show up for the scheduled day of the DE, there will be NO refund.


1) Attend a Drivers Skill course to learn your car’s dynamics (optional but recommended)

2) Review Qlispé Raceway Park turn-by-turn description (PCA INWR Drivers Ed Website)

Qlispé Raceway Park

Airway Heights, WA
Watch a video tour/lap
Watch a video tour/lap


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PCA - Inland Northwest

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