Mon, Sep 25 - Wed, Sep 27, 2023

The 2023 Great American Mountain Rally Revival

Bolton Valley

About this event



History of the Original Great American Mountain Rallye 1953-1956 - 2023 IS THE 70TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FIRST RUNNING!

The flag dropped on the very first GAMR on Thanksgiving Day of 1953 and the rally continued every November through 1956. Described in the April 1956 issue of Auto Age as “America’s longest, toughest, and coldest rallye,” the races attracted driving teams from across America, Europe, and Scandinavia. Conducted the weekend of American Thanksgiving, the rally typically featured challenging snowy weather through New York’s Adirondack, New Hampshire’s White, and Vermont’s Green Mountains. Tire chains were an absolute must!

In its day, the Great American Mountain Rallye attracted top teams from around the world. The Rootes team entered Sheila van Damm in 1953 and 1954. The late great Stirling Moss also competed in this rally in 1954. The great Maurice Gastonides, the 1953 Monte Carlo Rally winner, was a competitor as well. One year, multi-time world driving champion, Juan Manuel Fangio was the official starter.

This year will be the fifth running of the “Revival;” and the 70th anniversary of the first running in 1953. Our first four years were huge successes; and we plan on this year being as good; or better than last!

GAMRR 2023

GAMRR is a Hybrid rally incorporating a “Tour” and a precise Time Speed Distance rally traversing approximately 400 miles. There will be a course to follow through Vermont running over some of the infamous “gaps” and notches that were traversed in the original events. We will be running though the Champlain Valley along the shore of Lake Champlain as well as the rolling fields of western Vermont. The event will be utilizing a Tulip style of instructions and a short map reading section. This rally is well suited for inexperienced as well as veteran rallyists

GAMRR will be run out of our host lodge at Bolton Valley Resort

The rally is hosted by New England Vintage Road Rally LLC.

A TSD (Time Speed Distance Rally) utilizes checkpoints (controls) throughout the entire route and thus requires you to ‘stay on time, all the time.’  It is not our intention to create a rigid “structure” like a TSD; we feel you should be able to adjust your speed faster or slower as you want, provided you are not in a timed Regularity Section. 

There are a number of Regularity sections throughout each day where you have to roll up your sleeves and try to stay exactly on time. You need to follow the numbered route instructions and assigned speeds, which will change throughout the Regularities. These Regularity Sections will comprise approximately 70% of the anticipated 400 miles total; the event will be “won or lost” on these sections. 

We will be employing a modern system of GPS timing, the RICHTA system, eliminating the need for numerous Control Workers. The timing system also enables us to have as few or as many controls as we see fit. The scoring will be performed via an automated system, which will allow a timelier reporting of daily scores. This system has been tested extensively over the past 4 years and has been utilized to score many hundreds of controls with great success.

We do, however, want to maintain the flavor of the original rally and thus we will be limiting the technology that can be used by contestants. In theory if the technology did not exist in the 1950’s or early 1960’s it is not allowed (with a few exceptions) for GAMRR 2023. 

Event includes Monday morning breakfast at registration, Monday catered lunch, Monday night Cocktail Reception, Tues & Weds breakfasts, Tuesday Box lunch, Weds dinner – Award Ceremony, Route Instructions, rally plates, GAMRR Rally attire, door stickers, rally school, and awards.


Event requirements


Classes, Equipment, Entry Fee



  • Original: Cars that could have competed in the 1950’s GAMRs (model year 1957 or older)
  • Classic: Cars of model years 1958-1978
  • Modern: Cars of model years 1979-1999
  • Touring: Cars of model years 2000 or newer (class only award, not eligible for GAMRR overall Trophy).
  • Special class: Vintage MGs pending enough registrations – (100th Anniversary of MG)

Rally Equipment:

  • Electronic, digital clocks and stopwatches ARE allowed.
  • Extra trip odometer(s) ARE allowed, including GPS odometers.  The odometers may also be capable of showing your speed (similar to a speedometer) but not your ‘average speed’ (the speed you have been averaging since some previous point).  (Ex: Terratrip 202, Brantz 2 Pro, 3 Pro, Alfa Club & Alfa Medalist ARE Allowed).  Note:  the Terratrip 303 or the Brantz 2S Pro may be used, but NOT the Average Speed Readout and/or the Driver’s Display, which shows how many seconds you are behind or ahead of a set average speed. The device may allow the user to calibrate the trip meter to match the organizer’s distance.
  • Other equipment may be used upon written request; subject to approval by organizers.(All decisions are final).
  • Phones ARE allowed ONLY to be used as an odometer and/or speedometer
  • Halda Speed Pilots ARE allowed; Curta, Rally tables, Slide rules, 4 Function Calculators ARE allowed. Devices that allow the user to input a speed from which it can automatically calculate a theoretical ‘perfect’ time as you drive (Ex: Timewise, Alfa Rally Computers, certain APP’s) are NOT allowed.
  • GPS map display, in car, on phone or on a similar device, is NOT allowed.

The organizer requires that each competitor’s car has a phone which will be dedicated by the organizers as a RICHTA timing device.

Rally Roads:

We would like to clarify that we have carefully laid out the event such that the “flavor” of this years’ event reflects the events of the ‘50’s.  In keeping with this train of thought, we have utilized some of the same roads that were run during the 1955 & 1956 events.  Many of the roads used were not paved during that era; some of them are still not paved! Vermont does not pave many of their secondary and tertiary roads because of the havoc the long cold winters wreak on paved roadways. A few of the roads we will traverse are closed for the winter and do not re-open until early May.

After the spring thaw and spring rains the towns take to the roadways and make any necessary repairs filling in potholes and repairing culverts. Then they run a grader over the surface and tamp and roll it so that it is sometimes indistinguishable from pavement.

Over the last two years approximately 30% of the roads were gravel and we expect a similar percentage this year.  No one running our event has had any issues with getting stuck or causing damage to their car; however, the organizers take no responsibility for any vehicle damage that occurs during the event.

We are dedicated to keeping this event in the spirit of the original events of the 50’s with just a touch of modern-day conveniences.

Additional information/questions: 

Call the Rally Chairman, Gary Hamilton: 978-500-8039 or

Or Clerk of the Course, John Buffum 802-238-8940 or


Entry Fee

  • Early Registration May 20th - July 1st $1,500.00
  • Late Registration after July 1st $1,850.00

Registration includes driver & navigator plus items listed above in "WHATS IT ALL ABOUT" above.

Registration payment options will display during the registration process

Entry will be limited to 25 cars. Regulations will be in the competitor’s package available Early August to download. ______________________________________________________________________________

Note: Rooms are on your own:

Bolton Valley Resort has 35 rooms reserved for Sunday September 24th - Weds September 27th.


Call (802) 434-3444 be sure to say you are with the Great American Mountain Rally Revival to get the event rate. A special event rate of $220+ taxes per night for double occupancy (2 queen beds). Other rooming options are available.

Rooms will only be held for GAMRR until  Sept. 1st, so reserve early.

There are numerous alternative hotels in the area if you cannot get a room.


Entries (23)

Tim Winker
Mark Axen
Jeffrey Gault
Christopher Lipscomb
Peter McGuire
Paul Joubert
David Smith
Jim Pohl

Bolton Valley

Bolton Valley, Vermont


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