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Mon, Dec 4 - Mon, Jun 9, 2025

2023 EDKRA Pit Stall Reservation

Rotax Mojo Raceway - Warburg AB

About this event

This registration event is to help maintain Pit Stall reservations.

Event requirements

There is no charge for reserving Pit Stalls.  There are NO RV's allowed in Pit Stalls 1-73.  RV's are ONLY allowed in the Combo Pit-RV Stalls 74-92, at a charge of $250/year.  If there are race trailers only, with no overnight camping in stalls 74-92, there will be no charge for these sites.

Pit Stalls 1-59 are regular sized stalls and accomodate 1-2 karts easily.  

Pit Stalls 60-73 are larger stalls that accomodate multi-member racing familiies.  Priority will be given to multi-member families first and will only be filled by single racer members when no other stalls are available.

There are also 6 first come single event sites; 2 in the front row 32/33 on the pavement pad & 4 in front of the wash house. These sites are not intended to have race equipment left throughout the week and can be used by members not wishing to reserve a stall or out-of-town guests. 

The first come, first serve single event use PIT stalls available that do not require reservation. Without reservation, you are expected to remove your equipment at the end of the event.

Returning active racing members will have first right of refusal for the stall used last year, up until April 10th.

To pre-season reserve a stall for pitting or RV, please ensure that you have renewed your membership for the current year,, your membership is approved, and have completed this stall reservation event, prior to April 10th.  On April 15th, all stalls unreserved will be posted for the general membership to reserve.  After April 15, it will be first come, first serve for unreserved spots.

Any new/different requests will be board approved. Once it is board approved, after April 10th, you will receive notification of your options.  There will be some stall rearranging to accommodate semi-permanent structure requests.  Please note that the pit map attached may not be the most current as it changes frequently.

Pit stalls 60-67 are intended for multi-member racing families.  If they are unreserved after April 10th, they may be resized for single member families to accommodate more members.  In other words, the large stalls (60-66) will not be available to single racer members unless they race more than one class and have more than one kart being raced.

Entries (86)

Daryn Szumik
Roy El Timani
Ken Potter
Roy Jackson
Scott Voisey
Skylar Dunning
Matthew Taskinen
Ed Wolodko

Rotax Mojo Raceway - Warburg AB

Warburg, AB
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2023 EDKRA Pit Stall Reservation

Mon, Dec 4 - Mon, Jun 9, 2025