Sat, Oct 22, 2022

2022 VARAC Pumpkin Sprints

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

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Welcome to the “Pumpkin Sprints”

Please join us, VARAC, for a one-day vintage racing event - the Pumpkin Sprints at CTMP Driver Development Track (DDT) This new event will take place on October 22, 2022.

It’ll be an intense, fun, "on-track” packed day!  You get Practice, Qualy and two races, all on the one day. You get basically the same run time here as a two-day regional for 40% of the cost!

This is a new event at a different track. DDT is a fun, challenging 2.88 km technical track with some nice elevation change.

There will be three race run groups: Vintage (pre 1962/ Historic pre 1972) (VH), Classic (pre 1999 (CL) and Formula Classic (open wheel/Monoposto race cars built up to 1999).  Note — VARAC runs sub-groups in VH & CL on a time bracket basis ie VH1, VH2, CL1, CL2, etc.  VARAC racers will know where to place themselves. If you are non-VARAC and attended the 22 VVGP, place yourself in the sub-group you finished the event in.  If you are new to VARAC, please contact me Dave Good and I will guide you on this.  More info on brackets, breakouts to follow… but — don’t lose sleep over this — get close and by afternoon race time it’ll sort itself out.

Race entrants must meet one of the following licensing requirements:

  • hold a current VARAC VMC Licence,
  • be a VARAC member with a current CASC-OR Racing Licence,
  • hold a current FSAQ Licence with CVQ membership,
  • hold a current VMC license or be members of a recognized Vintage Race Club.

CASC-OR or FSAQ licensed entrants (or other current race licensed drivers) will be accepted at the VARAC Race Director’s discretion for this event. Contact Dave Good

There will be a BBQ the night before for those planning to get there in time.

Saturday, post-racing, will be an award presentation.

A guaranteed, fun-filled, intense good time!

Note — there is no fuel supply at the DDT site but fuel will be available at the usual location at the big track.

As we get closer to the event we will post regulations, waivers, schedules, etc on VARAC.CA under Pumpkin Sprints 2022.

Questions on the event?  Contact Dave Good at


Event requirements




All Drivers must hold a valid competition license with VARAC, CASC-OR, another organization under ASN Canada - Sports Development Group, a Vintage Motorsports Council club, or a recognized sanctioning body under FIA, etc. with a current medical date.

All Drivers must be a member of a VMC organization.  Not a member?  Contact Dave Good:  (

Entries (15)

David Strachan
Richard Paterson
Blaise Csida
Bertrand Dupuis
David Wood
Alan Balinsky
Ivan Samila
John Hawkes

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Bowmanville, ON


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VARAC Canada

Event Cancelled!