Fri, Nov 4 - Sun, Nov 6, 2022

2022 US Road Rally Challenge

Days Inn

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2022 United States Road Rally Challenge

Friday, November 04, 2022 - Sunday, November 06, 2022
Whitmore Lake, Michigan

Detroit Region SCCA invites all fellow rallyists to the 2022 edition of the USRRC. You can expect a fun and challenging mix of unpaved (~70%) and paved twisty county roads around the state recreation areas and farmlands of Southeastern Michigan. Whitmore Lake is conveniently located just 35 miles from the Detroit Metro Airport. These late fall daytime events will challenge your ability to follow the prescribed rally route while staying exactly on time, neither early nor late.

There is no in person registration, it must be done online by November 1.
An SCCA hard card with annual waiver or online waivers only at

  • All rallies count toward the National RoadRally Championship, the Great Lakes Division and Detroit Region series.
  • Richta Competitor app will be used for timing and scoring of all rallies. Requires a smart phone or tablet.  If you need help with using the application, we have added instructions to our web site at:

If you have friends of family who are interested in watching how scoring on the event is going in real time, have them download the Richta Scoreboard App at

HQ: Days Inn, 9897 Main Street, Whitmore Lake MI. 48189. (734) 449-2058.
Bruce Fisher reserved block of 20 rooms until October 28, 2022, for $90 per night plus tax.
When making reservations please mention that you are taking over one of Bruce’s.


Event Schedule (all times are tentative):

Friday – 11/04/2022 Tour Rally - Hell and Back:
9:01 AM – First Car Receives route
     10:01 PM – First Car Starts
     5:00 PM – First Car Finishes

Saturday – 11/05/2022 Course Rally - Are You Territorial?:
*(See below for more information on a course rally if you have never run one.)
7:15 AM – First Car Receives route
     8:01 AM – First Car Starts
     4:00 PM – First Car Finishes

Sunday – 11/06/2022 Tour Rally - Pavement Ends:
     7:30 AM – First Car Receives route
     8:01 AM – First Car Starts
     2:00 PM – First Car Finishes


  • Hell and Back - Piotr Roszczenko
  • Are You Territorial? - Bruce Fisher
  • Pavement Ends – Tristan Koivisto

Entry fees:

Hell and Back - $ 85
Are You Territorial? - $85
Pavement Ends - $75

Registration closes at midnight on November 1, 2022.

Weekend membership (where both competitors are not SCCA members) add $15 per car for the weekend.

Entry fees include a T-shirt for each competitor. Be sure to select your size when registering. T-shirts must be odered by October 19th in order to pick up at the event. If ordered later, they will be mailed.

Additional information is also available at:

*What is a course rally?  Sometimes referred to as a “Trap” rally, both Numbered and Lettered Route Instructions will be used along with modified “Onto” and “T” Main Road Determinants. This Course Rally will be novice friendly especially for those already experienced with Tour rallies. The traps will be looped to minimize chances of getting lost, and GPS recovery points if you do. Like they said to Mikey, “Try it; you’ll like it!”

Still more questions? Contact the chairman, Piotr Roszczenko, or (734) 308-0122

Click 'Continue' for registration instructions

Event requirements

Competition Classes:

E - Equipment unrestricted.

L - Odometer unrestricted (including GPS), and calculating device restricted only in that it may not be integrated with the odometer.

G - GPS-derived odometer integrated with any calculating device such as a rally “app” or rally computer.

S - Unmodified stock odometer only.  Calculating device restricted only in that it may not be integrated with the odometer and clock.

Novice - Class S entry in which the combined TSD rallies between team members is less than 6

Please read carefully:

If you are registering yourself for the first time, and you will be paying for the event entry, please choose Option 1 on the order form and follow the prompts.

If you are registering as a co-entrant and your partner has already registered, please choose Option 2 on the order form.

If you do not already have a account, click the 'Create New Account' button below. You will be asked to input your member number and Region of Record.  This is your SCCA Membership number and home region. You must have this information in your user profile to avoid needing a weekend membership for this event. (Also, make sure your user name matches exactly as it appears on your SCCA Membership card... otherwise, the member verification process will not validate your membership.)


Adaptations to the COVID-19 situation:

  1. Online registration on MotorsportReg only, no walk-ins.
  2. Online waiver at or SCCA hard card annual waiver only
  3. Observing Michigan governor’s current orders regarding COVID-19


NOTE: We will be using the Richta GPS Checkpoint app. 
The rally will be a Time-Speed-Distance rally using new technology for timing the event. It works using a free APP on the contestant’s Android or iOS device.
Look for "Competitor Richta GPS Checkpoints" app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store or click on the appropriate link:
Prior to the rally, all the checkpoint information (locations by Latitude and Longitude and the correct arrival times) is loaded onto the internet by the rally master. People who register for the rally are given a car number and the password for the app. Each Rally Team then goes to the site and downloads the information for their car.  The contestants will NOT be able to view Rally Master information. During the rally, when each car reaches a checkpoint, the contestant’s device will signal a checkpoint has been reached with a “bing-bong” sound. The device will then display your time entered and your score and say “early” or “late”. Your total score for the rally to that point will also be displayed.

Entries (60)

Elliot Busta
Andrew Reed
Erik Ragan
Adam Davis
Giuliana Cascardo
Bob Tomasaitis
Trevor Council
Curtis Low

Days Inn

Whitmore Lake, MI


Road Rally organized by

SCCA - Detroit Region

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