Thu, Jun 30, 2022

2022 Tech Sessions // June


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Ready to make your motorsports events simpler, more streamlined and better attended? Join in our June session for virtual learning at MotorsportReg Tech Sessions.

We’ll welcome our Keynote Speaker to share their professional industry knowledge to fuel your drive for more knowledge and understanding of the motorsport world.



 Keynote Speaker:

Jim Crittenden- June 30th  1-2 PM EST 

Jim Crittenden has been organizing car rallies since 1973.  He has served as Chair of the SCCA Road Rally Board that oversees SCCA car rallies across the country.  He is Rallymaster for the Roads Scholar National Course RoadRally which has been voted "Best SCCA National Course Rally of the Year" for each of the past 5 years.  He was the founder and team leader of Team Mojavaton, Colorado's entry in the DARPA Grand Challenge, the race for autonomous vehicles.  Team Mojavaton finished in 13th place out of the 195 teams that originally entered the 2005 contest.  He retired as Director of Operations for CoorsTek Medical, a manufacturer of implantable ceramic components.


How To Build Attendance At Your Car Rally
Interested in crafting an experience that has participants talking for days? Come hear the key strategies Jim Crittenden uses to generate enthusiasm and excitement for his RoadRally.

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Each February, MotorsportReg Tech Sessions offers several days of virtual learning that you can customize to meet you and your organizations needs. 

New this year, we are offering more sessions throughout the year. This June's session focuses in on Growth and Promotions. Keep an eye out for these free virtual learning sessions offered to support the industry and community!

Nothing makes things faster than automation, and these talks will help you do more with technology and systems.


Growth & Promotions
Ready to turbocharge your organization? We’ve got the nuts and bolts for getting more attention and building a foundation for growth.


From legal to safety, financials to awards, we’ll help you fine tune all aspects of your organization's engine.


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