Sat, Feb 26, 2022

2022 Shift Society Event & Solo Annual Tech

Shift Auto Society

About this event

Come join the Wichita Region SCCA at the Shift Auto Society, 402 South Market for a "come and go" event from 1:00 to 4:00.  At 2:00 we will have a Solo Town Hall meeting to discuss the new season and share.  Bring your autocross car and helmet for Solo Annual Tech Waiver Inspection. 

Wichita Region Annual Tech Waiver:  available for experienced Solo Drivers who participated in a minimum of five (5) Wichita Region Solo Events in the past twelve (12) months.  Print form, complete it at home, and bring with you.



SCCA Membership Cards and Annual Waivers for Digital

SCCA Members can now keep their membership cards on their phones and sign the annual waiver digitally. Both can be found at, the same location members can go to renew their annual SCCA membership and more online!

Digital membership cards are now accepted at all SCCA events as proof of membership, and contain the same look and information as the plastic cards many of us currently carry everywhere.

But the biggest change is to the annual waiver. While previous versions required a wet signature and paper mailed to the SCCA office, the new process holds the same legality and takes less than five minutes to complete.

Full instructions on signing the annual waiver can be found here, but it requires only a log in and a digital photo (no hats, sunglasses or masks, please) to complete.

The digital waiver and membership cards are good for both adults and minors – parents will, of course, still be required to sign the digital form for their children.

Though the digital cards and waivers were designed with member convenience in mind, they are not required. Both digital and physical hard cards will be accepted at event registration, and those who choose not to sign the digital waiver will be able to sign a paper waiver on site or submit the annual waiver as in the past.

All of this, and more, is available on your phone, tablet or computer at!




Event requirements

If you have been feeling ill, please do not attend.

Masks are not required, but are recommended.

Attendees (20)

Steve Swartz
Lonnie Moses
Blake Toews
Ashton King
Ryan Ostmeyer
Timothy Thompson
Jacob Smith
Bruce Bettinger

Shift Auto Society

Wichita, KS


Festival/Social organized by

SCCA - Wichita Region

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