Thu, Jul 14, 2022

2022 Mustangs Northwest Ride and Drive

Pacific Raceways

About this event


Welcome to Mustangs Northwest 25th Ride and Drive!

July 14th, 2022

Gates open: 7:00 AM

Driver's Meeting: 8:30 AM

Racing starts: 9:00 AM

Event ends: 4:00 PM


This high performance driving event is designed around an atmosphere of having fun with our friends and family in a safe and predictable way.  You will be placed in one of three run groups based on your personal high performance driving abilities.  The A run group is for seasoned track veterans, qualified racers, and instructors.  The B group is for drivers with a moderate amount of track time but not ready to run in the A group.  The C group is for drivers that have recently been signed off solo by an instructor or novice drivers.  We do accept all licensed drivers from 16 to....Instructors are available and at times, mandatory.

All of our events are fully staffed with turn workers, a tow truck for quick removal of a disabled vehicle, and local EMT's.  The Mustang Roundup High Performance Driving Event has strict but reasonable rules balanced with an attitude of fun.  



There is a mandatory ground school July 13th, the night before the event from 7pm-9pm!  This is always relaxed, fun, and most importantly, informational.  We will disclose the location before May 31st.






Registration Fees 

Entry fee prior to May 1st - $300

Entry between May 1st - 31st - $325

Entry June 1st - 30th - $350

Late entry up to July 6th - $375

Spectator Fees

$5 (at the gate the day of the event)


Event requirements


This is a high-speed driving event, not a racing event.  While the overriding consideration during the operation of the event is safety, incidents may occur that could cause vehicle damage and/or personal injury. 

You will be driving in a class session with other drivers whose vehicles may be uninsured and/or unregistered. You are completely responsible for the safe operation and safe mechanical condition of your vehicle. Mustangs Northwest, its officers, instructors, staff, and facility providers assume no responsibility in the event of an accident, of any kind, in the course of this event.

If this is of concern to you, we recommend that you contact your own personal insurance carrier for advice to determine what coverage should be in effect for you during this school.  There is also track day insurance available from Hagery, Lockton Insurance or On Track Insurance on a per day basis.

We are limited to 60 vehicles (2 ¼ mile road course event).  Here is the course map!

Ground School -

The mandatory Ground School will be July 13th (the night before the event) from 7pm-9pm.  We will disclose the location before May 31st.


Tech Inspection -

All drivers should do a thorough tech inspection of their vehicles prior to this event. There will be a tech inspection at the track before our event .

Rollover protection is required for convertibles without stock protection from the manufacturer.

Helmets will need to be 2015 Snell rated (SA2015) or newer, this can be checked under the helmets inner liner. Motorcycle helmets are not fire rated properly so will NOT be allowed.

We will not have extra helmets this year so you must bring one to participate.




Pacific Raceways

Kent, WA
Download track map
Download track map


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Mustangs Northwest

2022 Mustangs Northwest Ride and Drive

Thu, Jul 14, 2022