Wed, Mar 16 - Wed, Apr 13, 2022

2022 Karting League 1

NJMP Tempest Raceway

About this event

2022 Leagues will be kicking off in our BRAND NEW SODI KARTS on  Wednesday, March 16th, 2022 . Participants will use New Jersey Motorsports Park rental karts, included with registration fee.  The League will take place every Wednesday for 5 weeks.The Rental Kart League will be capped at 15 entrants per round and the spots are on a first-come basis.  Participants MUST purchase league as a whole! No walk ins will be permitted.

All races include the following:

  • 10 Min Practice Session
  • 12 Lap Qualifying (Based on Fastest Lap Time) 
  • 16 Lap Race #1 (Based on Position) 
  • 16 Race #2 ( Based on Position) 

 Each driver who wins one of the two races 16 Lap races will be awarded at the end of the night during podium celebrations. Points will be awarded all throughout the field of competitors for championship point’s calculation.

ALL DATES WEATHER PERMITTING. In the case of unpredicted weather, a rain date will be presented. 

League #1 :

  • March 16th,2022
  • March 23rd,2022
  • March 30th,2022
  • April 6,2022
  • April 13,2022

League #2: 

  • April 27th,2022
  • May 4th,2022
  • May 11th,2022
  • May 18th,2022
  • May 25th,2022

League #3

  • June 8th,2022
  • June 15th,2022
  • June 22nd,2022
  • June 29th,2022
  • July 6th,2022

League #4

  • July 20th,2022
  • July 27th,2022
  • August 3rd,2022
  • August 10th, 2022
  • August 17th,2022

League #5

  • August 31st,2022
  • September 7th,2022
  • September 14th,2022
  • September 21st, 2022
  • September 28th,2022

League #6 

  • October 12th,2022
  • October 19th,2022
  • October 26th,2022
  • November 2nd,2022
  • November 9th,2022

Points Structure for Championship:

Position      Points Awarded            Position     Points Awarded

1                           200                           11                       75

2                           175                           12                       70

3                           155                           13                       65

4                           140                           14                       60

5                           130                           15                       55

6                           120                           16                       50

7                           110                           17                       45

8                           100                           18                       40

9                             90                           19                       35

10                           80                           20                       30





● The drivers meeting is mandatory and will start at 5:00pm sharp. There will be a random roll call and any driver not in attendance will start in the rear of the first race.

● The start will be a single file rolling start. Each driver may accelerate at the wave of the green flag. You cannot pass the kart in front of you until you cross start/finish line. You cannot step out of line before start/finish. Jump starts will result in a black flag stop and go penalty.

● All penalties will be either a black flag stop and go or a final position change.

● Rough driving will not be tolerated and may result in the loss of driving privileges. Rough driving will be assessed by the track officials and the race director. If you move a kart out of the way and gain that position, you can either give the position back and receive no penalty (you have 1 lap to do this), or we will manually move your finishing position behind the finishing position of the kart you moved.

● No blocking. You may make one move in advance of the kart(s) behind you. You cannot move back across the track after you have made your move. You cannot run someone off the track that is beside you on a straightaway.

● No passing in parts of track with local yellows

● If you have an open black flag directed at you, you must come into pit lane for a stop and go penalty.

● Repeated four wheels off will result in a black flag and you must come in for a stop and go penalty

● Concrete run-off is not considered part of the racing surface

● Pit Lane speed- 5 mph

● Bad behavior and/or foul language will not be tolerated, and any person involved will be asked to leave the premises


Event requirements

Event Time: Customers must be present at least 30 minutes prior to the drivers meeting (4:45pm). In the event an individual arrives after hot track (5pm) New Jersey Motorsports Park reserves the right to refuse individual(s) to participate in the race. 

Damages:  Each driver is held resposible for any damages that may incur during the duration of the races. The Protection Plan is $10 and  is HIGHLY reccomended. Protection plans can be added at the time of registration or in person.  

All participants must be 5ft tall and 13 years of age. If a participant is under the age of 18, a legal parent or guardian must be present to sign our minor waiver form. 

Please be sure to wear closed toed shoes! 

NJMP Tempest Raceway

Millville, NJ


Karting organized by

New Jersey Motorsports Park - Karting

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