Sun, Feb 27, 2022

2022 Icerace #7 Sunday Lake George

Lake George, NY

About this event

You need to have completed your membership registation on MotorsportReg before registering for the race.

The venue may change or the race may be canceled at any time before the race event due to ice conditions. The venue and race status will be confirmed via email, Facebook and the club webpage (

Check to make sure the venue has not been changed before you leave for the race! You will not need to change your registration if the venue changes.

We are not accepting in-person registrations or payment. You must register and pay through MotorsportReg.

Event requirements

You must be an AMEC member in order to ice race with AMEC. You can apply for a membership through MotorsportReg. You must complete this step before registering for the race; you will be contacted after your membership registration to confirm your car number.

Everyone is required by the rules to have a bumper sticker on their car. You can purchase one or more during registration and pick it up at Tech Inspection. You don't need to have it on for the first day of racing since it's difficult to apply stickers on the ice in the cold, however, if you bring some tape you can tape to the inside of one of your windows.

Everyone is also required to have "spill pillows", which are absorbant pads for oil. You can also purchase these during registration and pick them up at Tech Inspection. You are required to have spill pillows along with a bucket and shovel to clean up any accidental spills. It is essential that we leave no colored spills on the ice that can be interpreted as being bad for the environment, this includes coffee and sports drinks...don't pour anything out on the ice!

Entries (17)

Caleb Pocock
Mike Usher
David Klock
David Burnham
Thomas Klee
Christopher Yates
Philip Levering
Scott Freebern

Lake George, NY

Lake George, NY


Ice Racing organized by

Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club

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