Mon, Mar 21 - Thu, Sep 1, 2022

2022 Championship 3-Pack

Rt. 66 Raceway

About this event


Note: This is now a manual process done by a volunteer. Once you have registered for this "event," someone has to go into the back-end and update your account accordingly. Please allow 48hrs for this to take place. Your registration status will go from Yellow/"New" to Green/"Confirmed" on your MSR Account Dashboard once the updates have been made.
This "event" is to allow racers to purchase a 3-Event Pack at a discounted rate. The pack will cost you $135 and after purchasing one of our registration team members will update your account with $150 in Credits for use in registering to Autocross Events in the 2022 Championship Season. These credits will not be redeemable for membership events such as the banquet, towards the cost of becoming a member, or towards the cost of the Season Pre-Registration Program. Only one 3-Pack can be bought per calendar year.  As a note, there are 2 tiers of registration.  To lock in a $50/event cost, you need to register 7 days prior to the event.  If you register the week of, the charge will be $55.  Your credits will not be adjusted from the $150 issued for registering late.

These credits would only be good for this 2022 Season.

Event requirements

The only requirement here is that you have a MotorsportReg account. Once you've created an account you can purchase the event 3-Pack.  The credits acquired from the purchase expire at the end of the calendar year.


Though you were not required to be an SCCA member to get this 3-pack, you will either need to be an active SCCA member before registering for an Event, or register as a non-member.  This 3 pack does not cover in full 3 non-member registrations, only in full 3 "member" registrations.  The weekend membership has not been factored in.  The system will let you pay $65 in credits to do a non-member entry.  During your third event check-in however, you will not have enough credit to cover the third event in full.  You may encounter this same issue with late registration the week of the event.

Rt. 66 Raceway

Joliet, IL
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Download track map


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SCCA - Chicago Region - Autocross

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