Sat, May 8, 2021

2021 Sunset Speedway Race #2 & UAS 1/4 Pts Race

Spokane Motorsports Complex

About this event

If your itching to get back into the drivers seat and race against your friends, join us for Race 2 of the 2021 Sunset Speedway Season. 

This will be the first 1/4 Pt UAS race for the season, Jr and Sr UAS will be racing. Transponders are required for JR & SR UAS classes. The transponder rental is $25 each. Please put your transponder number if you have your own.

With great caution and proper safety measures in place, Sunset Speedway is looking forward to offering people the opportunity to get outdoors and just have some fun.

Registration ends at May 6, 2021 11:59 PM PDT

Race Day: Saturday, May 8th

Practice Days will be Friday 7pm-10pm, before race day if track is ready.  Must have 5 drivers minimum. Contact the club for practice information.

  • Night race: Gates open 2pm:   pit meeting 4:30:  practice 5-5:45pm:    racing 6pm racing
  • Driver Registration 2- 4:30pm
  • No late registration allowed, if you are late you must start in the back for both heats.
  • Online pre-registration Recommended. In trying to speed up resigtration, we are using this system. In the future there may be extra charge to register at the track.


Please make a selection from below. If you would like to pay online make that selection and we will charge your card. If you would like to pay at the track make that selection, a card will still be needed to hold the registration but will not be charged.  Your payment will not be processed until race day. 

Sunset Driver Entry Fees:


      Member: $45.00 for first class(includes pit pass),  $35.00 for second class

     Non-member: $60.00 for first class (includes pit pass), $45.00 for second class.

     JR and SR UAS: $75.00 (includes pit pass)

      Pit/Spectator: $10.00



Event requirements



We are  attaching the minor release. Please print it out and bring it to the first race to save time in registration.

This only needs to be done once a season for drivers and non drivers.

The insurance is also requiring any minors who come into the pit area must have the minor release signed by

a parent or guardian.  This means that if anyone brings any minors that are not their kids, that the parents

must sign this in advance.                 268168 NKA parental consent form.pdf  


All Minor drivers, members and non members must have a birth certificate on file with the club before they are

allowed to race.                         2021 Sunset Speedway Membership Application.pdf

We will be doing self safely tech of karts this season. Please print the attached form.

The driver or parent of a minor driver will be required to fill this out every race.             Pre tech form.xls

Please see 2021 Sunset Speedway Rulebook for all current safety rules.       sunset rules 2021.pdf







Sunset Classes      
Class Engine Age Min. Weight Restrictor
Beginner Clone 196cc or 212 cc Clone 5 to 8 225 .425” green restrictor plate (ARC # DJ 1425), 
JR I Clone 196cc or 212 cc Clone 8 to 12 250 .425” green restrictor plate (ARC # DJ 1425), 
JR I LO206 Briggs LO206 8 to 12 250 Blue Slide .520 with carb lock
JR II Clone 196cc or 212 cc Clone 12 to 15 300 .500" purple restrictor plate (ARC#DJ-1500
JR II LO206 Briggs LO206 12 to 15 300 Gold Slide .570 with carb lock
SR Clone (stage 1) 196cc or 212 cc Clone 15 and up 355/375  
Sr. Sealed Predator 212cc Predator 15 and up 375  
SR LO206 Heavy Briggs LO206 15 and up 380  
SR Limited Modified Clone (Stage 2/3) 196cc or 212 cc Clone 15 and up 375  
SR KT100 Yamaha KT 100 Yamaha 15 and up 375  
SR. UAS as per UAS rules and engines 18  and up SEE UAS rules   
Sr. Limited Modified 2 and 4 cycle engines-no duals 15 and up 400  





Entries (20)

Tony Berry
Paisley Fleming
Kily Fleming
Landen Stolz
Sam Anthony
Jim Kellogg
Joe McLain
Dylan Heer

Spokane Motorsports Complex

Airway Heights, WA


Karting organized by

Sunset Speedway

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