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2021 Put-In-Bay Vintage Sports Car Races & Reunion

Put-in-Bay (Airport Course)

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Heineman's Winery


Goat Soup & Whiskey Tavern




2019 Put in Bay Cup winner ~ "KING OF THE ROCK" ~ Sam Halkias

2019 VW Challenge Champion ~ Greg Limber  


Cars of Sweden (Volvo/SAAB), VW and Turner     (includes specials powered by SAAB, VW and Volvo engines)



Featured marque entries will receive a $50 discount



Following the popularity of the inaugural "Tin Top" feature race last year, we will be making this an annual event.

Starting line-up for the "inverted grid" Tin Top Race

Tin Top winners 2019

Brian Garcia, Lee Poseidon, Dave Morgan

The 2021 Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races & Reunion will provide two full days of racing on the Put-In-Bay Airport as well as a full day of pre-racing events preceding the race days.

Much more than just a VINTAGE RACE; the Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races and Reunion also welcomes owner-drivers of non-racing, vintage sports cars of types similar to the race cars.

These "street cars" participate in all the various events and activities, except for the actual races.  

Beginning with a small event in 2009, the Put-in-Bay Road Races Reunion celebrates sports car races that were held on the streets of the town of Put-in-Bay on Ohio’s South Bass Island from 1952 to 1959 and in 1963. The three-day reunion engages racers and non-racers alike in an event that reaches back in time to capture the history and re-create the atmosphere of sports car racing of that era in a uniquely beautiful setting. Book-ended around two days of Vintage sports car racing at the island’s airport, is a balanced mix of events honoring the island’s racing history, a few social gatherings, a car show, original course controlled laps and airport-track lapping, self conducted island rally, rocker cover races and plenty of unstructured time as well. 

Put-in-Bay is a nostalgic island enclave and a short ferry ride off the shore of Lake Erie near Sandusky, Ohio. A summer resort community little changed from the ‘50s, it is one of the very few places in North America where post-war sports cars raced through towns and countryside on public roads and where those roads exist today virtually unchanged.

PIB Period "Dress Code" Ideas  Courtesy of Tom Lipovits

Put-in-Bay VW Challenge: This group is intended to be an entry level, fun class, that can race at PIB on an annual basis. The rules are pretty basic with a certain amount of leeway with respect to easy, bolt-on accessories.

VW-sedan Rules



Provisional Overview of Events ~ What to Expect 

Sunday, September 19 - Weekly Island "Antique" Car Parade (1:30 pm).

Monday, September 20 - Load-in to paddocks, Registration, Tech Inspection (1 - 5 pm).

Tuesday, September 21 –Load-in to paddocks, Registration, Tech Inspection, All-Entrants Meeting (Island Rules of Engagement), Entrants Car Show, Laps of Original Put-in-Bay Race Course, History Recollections Roundtable, Wine & Cheese Welcome Party.

Wednesday, September 22 - Driver's "School", Racing/Exhibition Driver's Meeting, Racing orientation and practice sessions commence at 10 am, Ladies Luncheon, Rocker Cover races at the Goat Soup & Whisky Tavern, All-Sedan "Tin Top" race.

Thursday, Septeber 23 - Race Day 2 at the Put-in-Bay airport. Featuring qualifying races in the morning, track "Lunch Lapping" for Street Car participants, followed by Feature Races and the Put-In-Bay Cup race. Racing awards party following the on-track activities.

Friday, September 24 - Farewell morning brunch, open microphone/critique and departure.

PIB 2021 PROVISIONAL Event Schedule.pdf   

2021 Provisional Racing Schedule-REVISED.pdf

Put-In-Bay Road Race Heritage Society Website



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NOTE: We PREFER that you enter by mail using a check.

MSReg charges us 6% and those fees add up quickly.  Please use this if you intend to pay with a check.

HOWEVER, we certainly welcome credit card entries, of course!!




CLICK HERE   for Printable Track Map      (Thanks to Bob Kansa)

OFFICIAL EVENT SHIRT   Every year we have a commemorative shirt with the year's logo embroidered over the pocket.

Shirts are $40 each in S/M/L/XL/XXL 

Ladies, kids and larger men's sizes may be special ordered at the same price.




Barry Prosser "holding court" (the Judge is IN) !
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Put-in-Bay Road Races Facebook Group

Put in Bay Island Guide   FaceBook page

Previous Event Photos        Provided by Official PIBRRHS Photographer ~ Dan Mainzer

2019 Road Race Reunion Photo Gallery        Provided by Island Photographer ~ John Rees

Old Course Parade Laps  Thanks to Bob Kansa

Put-in-Bay weekly Sunday car parade   This "parade" is not part of the event but all early arrivals are invited...Sunday September 19 at 1:30 pm.

All attendees who arrive by 1 pm Sunday September 19 are encouraged to participate in the Sunday Island Car Parade. It is free and is a good way to get a preview of the island and it always ends at a picnic or gathering of some sort.

Street Car Activities  Lunch Track Touring & Laps around the original Race Course.

Autoweek Article about 2017 event

2021 Race Result Links

2019 Race Result Links


The organizers recommend that all potential participants and spectators read Carl Goodwin's excellent book that chronicles the early races at Put in Bay.

You can order the book directly from this link. ORDER HERE

It's $35 plus shipping.

You can also call Carl @ (719) 229-7245, (440) 557-5089 or Sally Carroll @ (440) 338-4202.

Carl will individually sign each book. If you already have the book, bring it with you for Carl to sign!



Event requirements




2021 Race Car Eligibility   List of car types that normally are accepted for racing. Cars not listed will be considered on a case by case basis, don't be afraid to ask.

2021 Street Car Eligibility   While the Put-in-Bay Road Race Reunion celebrates the sports car racing that took place on South Bass Island, we always have a large contingent of street car participants. The street car categories participate in all the activities except the actual wheel-to-wheel racing, at a reduced entry fee. Street cars are accepted on a case by case basis and should be makes and models that embrace the spirit of racing at Put-in-Bay.

There are two Street Car Categories;   Heritage: pre 1964 and similar continuation models  Guest: 1964 ~ 1972 and similar continuation cars.

POST 1972 Street Cars:  Entrants unknown to the organizers may be placed on a WAIT LIST until closer to the event.

These applicaions should be done on a PAPER ENTRY FORM and be mailed or emailed l to the address on the form. No pre-payment is required. Once an entry is accepted; most likely August, you will be notified.

2021 PIB General Rules & Regulations

Preparation and Licensing requirements for Race Cars and drivers.

Race Car Information Sheet

(RCIS)   Basic car information REQUIRED for all first time PIB racers.

2021 PIB Exhibition Regulations

Rules and requirements for the Exhibition category participants.

PIB Tire Specifications 2021     

List of legal tires for race cars.




Ladies Luncheon   A special gathering and luncheon for all the ladies (and others) who support the Road Race Reunion and Sports Car Races. Specific details will be posted at a later date. Last year's luncheon was held at the Goat Soup & Whiskey Saloon and hosted by Noreen Hahn and crew.


Rocker Cover Races Rules   

Rocker cover races; a fun event with lies, drinking and some semi-serious technology on display.

Rocker Cover Races Video   

courtesy of Steve Nemec


2021 Rocker Cover Trophy presented br Steven Nemec



Friday Brunch and Review



The Put in Bay Sports Car Races could never happen without the dedicated folks of Lake Erie Communications and their associates. LEC is well known as the go to folks when an SCCA race is going on. We see their people at races from Mid-Ohio to Daytona and Sebring where they hold court almost every weekend during racin' season. We are very honored that they have become a signature part of the Put in Bay races.

PADDOCK MAP (Aerial View)

 Paddocks will be assigned as you arrive on the island, on a first come / first served basis. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences. Folks wishing to paddock together can have a representative save nearby spaces.

Miller Boat Line Ferry from Catawba to Put-In-Bay    This is how you get there! They can handle all size rigs up to 80'.

Miller Boat Line in the 'fifties!


Miller Boat Line TODAY!


Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce   General island information and lodging tips.


Put-In-Bay Lodging Non-judgmental list of places to stay. You can camp at the State Park or stay in anything from a nice B&B, modern hotel, cottage in the woods or a mom and pop cabin, to sleeping on the beach near the paddock! We do not make recommendations, however.


Contact Information:

Manley Ford   (734) 502-2435 ~ Overall Event Coordinator, Media Relations, Advertising, Program Editor.

Jack Woehrle  (803) 463-5388 ~ Co-founder, Race Director, Eligibility, Technical Information.

Rich Hahn  (216) 226-2323 ~ Island Liason, Car Show, Event Coordination.

Chris/Adrienne Wilson  (616) 915-1853 ~ Registration, Hospitality.

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Entries (163)

Craig Seabrook
Laureen Mooney
Bob Smith
Brian Lynch
Gary Harrison
Robert Mocas
Carl Wennerstrom
Chris Shoemaker

Put-in-Bay (Airport Course)

Put-in-Bay, OH
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