Sat, Aug 14, 2021

2021 PCA-GGR Autocross #6

Sonoma Raceway

About this event

GGR-PCA AX #6: Saturday, August 14, 2021 @ Sonoma Raceway (paddock area) sponsored by Porsche Redwood City

Note: PCA GGRAX Covid Procedures will be in effect to ensure the safety of all participants.

  • This is an all day event. Morning only or afternoon only participants are not allowed.
  • Registration is limited to 75 participants. Five first timers will be allowed at this event. No minors are allowed at this event. Five spots will be held for first time drivers till Saturday, August 7th.
  • Registration fee of $100, to be paid through
  • August 6 – Early Bird Registration open at 6:30 PM only for PCA members driving their Porsches to the event (non-Porsche drivers including non-PCA members may register during Open Registration)
    • $10 Early Bird discount is available for PCA membership
    • $15 Early Bird discount is available for driving a Porsche
  • August 8 – Open General Registration including non-Porsche drivers. New non-PCA members need to be cleared with AX chair prior to registration. Early registration of non-Porsche vehicles may result in a $50 penalty in addition to cancellation of registration.
  • Registration closes one minute before midnight on Wednesday, August 11th or when limit has been reached.
  • Car sharing
    • Only persons vaccinated against Covid-19 are allowed to share a car (and 1 must be an instructor)
  • Late registrations
    • Accepted ON-SITE at the day of event pending availability
    • Walk-in onsite fee is $100.00. No discounts are available for onsite registration.
    • Walk-in registrations will be completed online at Mobile device and MSR user account is required on-site for checking in. NO cash will be accepted at the event.
  • Location for this event is at Sonoma Raceway
  • Live timing during the event will available at the GGR live timing web site:  PCA GGR Live Timing Website
  • More information on GGR Autocross can be found at the official web site:  PCA GGR Autocross Website
  • GGR car classification information can be found at the GGR web site:  PCA GGR Autocross Rules and Forms


  • Your car number, car class, run group and work assignment information will be available in "Attendee List" section of this event, a day before to the event
  • All participants need to have their waivers signed electronically with SpeedWaiver two days prior to the event
  • 7:00 am:  Gates Open
  • 7:30 to 8:15 am:  All participants must check-in at at the gate
  • 7:30 - 8:15 am:  Cars tech inspection in paddock
  • 8:30 am:  Mandatory Drivers meeting
  • 9:00 am: First car on course
  • Break for a lunch around noon time for approximately 30 minutes 
  • There will be two run sessions - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Cars will be run in two groups.
  • All times are estimated and may be adjusted at the discretion of the AX Chair.

What to bring:

  • Face mask
  • Your lunch and drinks. Club does not provide food or water.
  • Folding Chair 
  • Painter's tape or printed numbers for car numbers
  • Sunscreen, hat, layers for cooler mornings and afternoons (NO RED Clothing) 

Please Note

  • It is driver's responsibility to bring a safe car to the event. In preparation of the event please confirm your car meets PCA Autocross Safety Inspection Checklist
  • HELMETS ARE REQUIRED with a 2010 or newer Snell certification.  Few loaner helmets are available.
  • All drivers must have their car inspected at inspection station before moving to grid. A car and helmet without inspection sticker and car number displayed on both sides of the car will forfeit his/her run(s) until the issue is resolved.
  • All drivers MUST WORK at an assigned worker position. Most of worker positions require standing for over an hour per shift. Dress appropriately for standing outdoors.
  • Unless authorized by AX Chair, in-car instruction will NOT be allowed, except where the instructor is a member of the same household.
  • No drones allowed
  • No Alcohol or drugs permitted!!!
  • For any questions please contact GGR Autocross Chair at

Event requirements

Please verify that you meet the following conditions before you register for this event:
1) You will be driving a Porsche
    OR you are a PCA member and have brought your Porsche to a GGR autocross event in the last 12 months
    OR you are a guest of a PCA member and you have been granted permission to register by the Autocross Chair (
3) Early Bird Registration - PCA membership and driving a Porsche to the event required

This is an all day event. Participants are required to take part in both Morning and Afternoon sessions.

Do not register unless you meet at least one of the above conditions.  Refunds for erroneous registrations are at the discretion of the Autocross Chair.

Multi-driver cars (sharing a car with another driver) are allowed, but each driver must register separately and be part of the same household.

ALL drivers MUST WORK at an assigned worker position.

HELMETS ARE REQUIRED with a 2010 or newer Snell certification.  Loaner helmets are NOT available.

It is drivers responsibility to bring a safe car to the event. Cars must be mechanically sound, in good running condition with no major leaks, and the interior must be empty of anything that could fly about during the event.

If you don't have a seasonal number already assigned by GGR, you are allowed to select a new number from the available list, which becomes your seasonal number, if available.

Your car number, car class, run group and work assignment information will be listed in "Attendee List" section of this event, one day prior to the event.

Our events run rain or shine, including maintaining the work assignments.  Refunds are not provided for rain.

DRONES ARE PROHIBITED at PCA events.  Violators will be reported to Law Enforcement.

Sonoma Raceway

Sonoma, CA
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