Sat, Oct 2 - Fri, Apr 15, 2022

2021-2022 Reserved Winter Paddock Parking

Strathmore Motorsport Park

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The CKRC are offering to CKRC members: 

Reserved Parking space during the Race Season -- (October - April)
Winter rates go into effect October 1st


CKRC on-site Sea-Can Storage for CKRC members           (Scroll down for Pit Space and Trailer storage parking)

The purpose of the Sea-Cans is for personal storage of karting equipment. No business of any kind is to be conducted from these containers.

  • Sea-Cans are to be 20 feet in length and the CKRC Club executive have selected the beige grey colour for all seacans. Maintenance of the appearance of the Sea-Can is at the expense of the Sea-Can owner.
  • Levelling of the ground with a suitable base underneath where the Sea-Can is to be located is the sole responsibility and expense of the Sea-Can owner – the area surrounding the sea can is to be left as grass unless otherwise approved by the CKRC executive
  • Sea-Cans shall be located along the South fence of the property with the length of the Sea-Can parallel to the fence with a zero to 4 foot gap between the fence and the Sea-Can. Sea-Cans shall be set in pairs, end-to-end. Between the pairs of Sea-Cans there shall be no less than 20 feet of space and no more than 22 feet of space.
  • Additional Sea-Can locations may be determined by the executive on a yearly basis.
  • Should the Club executive deem it necessary to move any Sea-Cans, it shall be done by the club or club’s contractors at the owners’ expense, if the owner is unable to move it on their own at the required time.
  • Rental space for Sea-Cans shall be done at the same rate as a pit space. The rental space required for a 20 foot Sea-Can is 20ft x 30ft which we call “6-squares” for purposes of the pit space rental rate. The rate is adjusted annually (was $70+gst per square for a full year from April 1st to Mar 31st of each year)
  • All fees to be paid in full prior to the start of the season.  A $500 refundable deposit for Sea-Cans is required in advance as a deposit to the CKRC which can be used by the CKRC to move the Sea-Can or to cover expenses incurred by the CKRC, if the terms of this agreement are not met. Full payment of deposit and annual space rental is required in advance of the Sea-Can arrival on CKRC property.
  • Payment for subsequent seasons must be made no later than May 1, otherwise the space will be considered forfeited. At this time the deposit will be lost.
  • After 30 days, delinquent accounts shall then have a lien placed on the Sea-Can and will be billed DOUBLE the going rate for the Sea-Can space rental until the account is brought up to date.
  • Should the CKRC need to take-ownership of the Sea-Can as payment for delinquent accounts it shall do so on the following scale.
Year 1 Depreciated to 80%
Year 2 Depreciated to 60%
Year 3 Depreciated to 40%
Year 4 Depreciated to 20%
Year 5 Depreciated to zero
  • Installation of suitable venting as required by the local building inspector is to be completed by the Sea-can owner in a timely manner as determined by the Club Executive or Manager.
  • At any time, should any portion of the deposit be required to be used by the CKRC, the Sea-Can owner will be required to top-up the deposit and maintain it at $500. The goal of the CKRC is not to use any owners’ deposit. Its primary goal is to deter delinquent Sea-Can owners. Sea-Can owners will be notified, before any deposit monies are used.
  • All contracts for space rented end as of March 31st of each year.


Pit space and trailer storage for CKRC members
Updated February 7, 2016

The purpose of the pit spaces is to allow a member to reserve their own pit space for race and practice events and to allow the trailer to be kept at the track for the racing season or for the entire year.

No business of any kind is to be conducted from trailers or pit spaces unless previously agreed to by the Club Executive.

  • Pit spaces are measured in “squares” which are 10’x10’.  Most pit locations are three squares deep or four squares deep and can be one square wide or two squares wide.
  • Each renter of a pit space is responsible for keeping their area clean and free of debris or contamination of any solids or liquids. There is to be no storage of used coolant or oils left on the ground whether in a container or not. Take any used liquids home with you for proper recycling.  This includes the space underneath the trailer as well which must be kept clear when the trailer is not in use for Test & Tune Practice or on a Raceday.
  • During the season or in the post season, the Club may need a trailer moved for grounds maintenance, or for another major event etc. It is the owners responsibility to move their trailer as required by the Club.
  • Rates for paddock pit spaces is adjusted annually and will typically be posted at and on
  • Rates are typically the same for the racing season (April 1 to October 31) and for winter storage (Nov 1 to March 31) and the same number of spaces must be rented for the winter storage as during the Summer racing season.
  • The racing season runs from approximately April 1st to Oct 31st.
  • Pit space is for trailer storage and for temporary pit tents.  Vehicle parking is in designated parking areas only.
  • If a ground covering is laid down in your pit area, it MUST be pulled back up at the end of the day.  The grass / ground exposed needs to be exposed to encourage growth and allow for proper grounds maintenance. At the end of any day activity, the only things touching the ground should be your trailer tires and the tongue of the trailer.
  • On a race-day, your pit space is reserved, up until 9:00am. At 9:00am if you have not arrived by then, any other racer can utilize your space for the day.
  • DO NOT park a vehicle on the asphalt pit runners. This will damage the aspalt runner. Do not turn the steering tires of a stationary tow vehicle while they are on the pit runners (they are generally made of recycled asphalt and will be damaged)
  • DO NOT unload your trailer onto the pit runner at any time other may be (while others are) needing to drive on it, to reach their pit space. PLEASE keep the runners clear AT ALL TIMES to allow for passage of karts and tow-vehicles and trailers.
  • The pit runner space extends 10 feet on either side of the center line of the runner – runners are spaced to allow either 3 or 4 10 x 10 spots between them (30 or 40 feet). If your trailer with door open does not fit within this space then you may be required to move to an area that accommodates longer trailers.



Event requirements


The CKRC are only offering parking space and are not responsible for any damage, theft or vandalism of any kind to the space renter's property, trailer, boat, RV or their contents.



Entries (47)

Daniel Krzesowski

Strathmore Motorsport Park

Strathmore, AB
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Calgary Kart Racing Club

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