Fri, Jul 26 - Sun, Jul 28, 2019

The 2019 Waterford Hills Vintage Races

Waterford Hills

About this event

It's our anniversary part 2, and you are invited to the celebration!  This year, Waterford Hills celebrates it's 60th year of wheel to wheel racing.    Big deal you say?   To make it more exciting - we are christening our newly paved race track!  All past Vintage event attendees will receive a special surprise for returning to this years event.   Also new this year, volunteers now sign up online on Motorsportsreg as well.( Note Flagging and Communications has their own sign up page.) 

We are featuring the Vintage Production Car Festival.  Special races will be added for all production classed cars from A-I.  Both production car bonus races require a car count minimum and will be no extra fee, included with your main entry.   


GREAT LAKES VINTAGE CHALLENGE 2019:  Waterford entrants with a production class or Formula Vee car who ALSO enter and race at VSCDA's 2019 Grattan event (August 16-18) or Put-In-Bay's 2019 event (September 23-26) are eligible to compete for the second annual "Great Lakes Vintage Challenge" award.  Points for finishing positions in feature races (not qualifying races) for all three events will be added up and awards presented at the Put-in-Bay post-race awards ceremonies.  Contact Ed Murray ( of the Waterford Hills Road Racing Club with any questions. He will also head up monitoring and tallying up the scoring. 

PLEASE NOTE:  To make life easier on our event organizers, we have changed the dinner ticket allocation to 1 with each entry.  Additional tickets are available through online registration.  Same great dinner/social at no price increase this year.    Also important to note, and VERY UNIQUE to the Waterford Hills Vintage Races,  Competitors are not charged you until you arrive at registration.  Motorsportreg requires a credit card on file for website participants, but your card is not charged until you arrive in person for registration. You have the option to change payment methods at in-person registration, or opt to charge the card on file with Motorsportreg.  No up front charge + no penalty for cancellation = No excuse for not entering early!

For updates or questions, you may contact the event chair.  Also stay in touch on our Facebook page,  and our newly created forum section on the Waterford Hills website. 

Race entry fee includes Friday practice, 1 participants credentials, 1 crew pass,  1 support vehicle paddock pass and 1 ticket for the Saturday evening banquet and post race social hour.  Extra crew passes and dinner tickets are available through registration.  Please call us regarding tent rental information.   Take advantage of the early entry pricing and get your entries in!   Your credit card will not be charged until you arrive and check in at the event

Entry Fees:

Early entry price through 5/31                      $  350.00

June1 - July 21st                                          $ 395.00

Late entry after July 21st                              $ 425.00

2nd car same driver                                      $ 125.00

2nd driver, 2nd group shared car/co driver   $  125.00

Register online and payment is deferred until in-person registration at the event.   (You will also have the option to change payment method at the track)  No need to wait and pay the higher entry fees.  No cancellation fees if you unable to attend.  All we ask is that you cancel in advance to allow entry space for other competitors.  We strive to have the most user friendly event possible.


Suggested Weekend Run Groups:

Race Group 1   FV Vintage Formula Vee

Race Group 2   Vintage & Historic Under 1.5 liter (i.e. G&H Production, D Sedan)
                  2a Thru 62 under 1.5 liter
                  2b Historic (63-72) under 1.5 liter

Race Group 3  Vintage & Historic over 1.5 liter  (i.e. F Production & C Sedan)
                 3a Thru 62 1.5 - 3.0 liter
                 3b Thru 62 3.0 - 5.0 liter
                 3c Historic (63-72) 1.5 - 3.0 liter
                 3d Historic (63-72) 3.0 - 5.0 liter
                 3e Vintage (thru 62) over 5.0 liter

Race Group 4 C, D, E Production Medium Bore
                 C Production
                 D Production        
                 E Production

Race Group 5 Open wheel non-winged / small bore
                 FJ1 Front engine jrs.
                 FJ2 Early rear engine jrs.
                 FJ3 Late rear engine jrs.
                 FF Formula Ford

Race Group 6  Large bore / Medium bore production .  A,B,C,D, productions , A & B Sedan
                 5a Trans Am sedans under 2.5 liter
                 5b Trans Am sedans 5 liter & A sedans
                 5c A – E Production

Race Group 7   Group 70 / Group 90 per VARAC rules
Final vehicle classifications will be provided to competitors approximately 1-2 weeks prior to race event.  Groups will be formed based on number of participants.



THURSDAY, July 25th
1:00 pm  Paddock Opens (Note: quiet day - no race engines)
3:00 - 5:00 ...............Chalk Talk & Walk with Danny Kellermeyer.  Track orientation.
4 pm - 7 pm..............Registration open
6 pm - 7:30 pm..............Tech inspection

FRIDAY, July 26th
9 am - 4 pm …….........Registration open
9 am - 4 pm.................Tech inspection
9:30am-10:15 am........ Driver's Meeting
10:15 -10:50 am ......... New to Waterford Track orientation (returning driver's welcome too)
12 pm- 5 pm  ………... Open practice sessions
5:30 pm - 8 pm...…….. Fish Fry Dinner available in clubhouse by the Oakland County Sportsman Club

SATURDAY, July 27th
8 am – 11am....….............Registration open
8:30 am - noon..................Tech inspection
9:15 am – 9:30 am……...... Driver’s Meeting
10 am -12 pm…....…..........Qualifying sessions by group
12 pm -1pm  ..................... Lunch - Touring Sessions*
1 pm - 6 pm.......…............ Races by group
6pm - 7pm.........................Competitor social hour.
7 pm……... .……...............Competitor dinner and Saturday race trophies 

SUNDAY, July 28th
9:15 am – 9:30 am………...Driver’s Meeting (if needed)
10 am - 10:30 am.…..........Emergency practice sessions/Anthems/Pre-grid
10 :30 am – 1pm…….........Races
1:00 pm -  2 pm…...............Lunch - Touring sessions*
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm…......... Races

Final detailed schedule to be supplied per event.
* Touring session schedules may change as races permit.
** Chief Steward and Event chair retains right to modify schedule.

Event requirements


Specific vintage vehicle regulations will be referred back to the participant’s major sanctioning bodies current rules. Where variations do exist, WHRRI will attempt to accommodate you under the rules of the sanctioning body with which you normally compete. However, such variances should be reviewed in advance to ensure proper grouping/classification (Contact to discuss in detail. Be prepared to show proof of validity (published sanctioning body rules and log book) upon request.

OVERALL GENERAL: Body, Brakes, Chassis, Electrical, Engine, Fuel System, Suspension, Steering, Tires, Transmission and Wheels should meet the specifications of the current groups sanctioning body.


All Post War and later vehicles are required to have Roll Bars and it is highly recommended for all others. These bars must be constructed of sufficient structure and height to provide adequate protection in case of rollover; SCCA Roll Bar Standards are recommended. Any person unable to comply with this rule is requested to contact for a review of his/her case and possible dispensation. Window nets or arm restraints are mandatory.

All cars must be equipped with an SCCA, IMSA, PSCR, USRRC, CART or NASCAR approved 5-point (minimum) driver restraint system composed of a 3" wide lap belt, anti submarine strap or straps, and 2 inch wide minimum, (3" wide strongly recommended) shoulder harness straps. Shoulder harness straps may not be attached to the same point in a "Y" configuration. All straps must be in excellent condition and securely attached to the frame, roll bar or cage, or reinforced portion of the vehicle structure. It is strongly recommended that the belt system not be more than 2 years old. All harnesses must be securely mounted preferably to a substantial frame/chassis member. Mountings to sheet metal must be suitably reinforced, e.g. 3” x 3” x 1/8” square plate or 3” diameter x 1/8” washer.

All cars must be equipped with a dry chemical, or Halon fire extinguisher of at least 2 lbs capacity. Mounting must be secure and the extinguisher should be accessible to the driver from his normal seated position.

An externally mounted electrical cut-off switch is highly recommended for all vehicles. Switches must deactivate all circuits with the exception of the on-board fire extinguisher (if fitted). Switches must be clearly identified by the official international symbol.

On board camera mounts must be approved at technical inspection for security and integrity. Cameras must be encircled with web strap or tie wraps to provide additional restraint for the existing screw in camera mounting system. No bungee cords allowed.


Driver’s helmets must have a SA2010 or later Snell Foundation approval.   A facemask or goggles is mandatory on open wheel cars. Closed car drivers should be similarly equipped or have shatterproof glasses. A balaclava is required if the driver has facial hair or hair protruding out of the helmet.  Note:  As of 2014, all competitors must use a "Head and Neck" Restraint System that meets the SFI 38.1 Standard.

All drivers must wear approved suits that provide full body coverage and provide three layer fire retardant protection. One piece suits are highly recommended. A triple layer suit meeting the SFI3-2A/5 or FIA8856-200 rating or better is preferred. A single or double layer suit SFI3-2A/2 worn with fire retardant underwear is acceptable. All drivers must wear gloves and shoes of leather and/or approved fire retardant material without holes or perforations. Socks must be of approved fire retardant material.

NOTE: The mandatory driver’s safety equipment listed above must be worn during all practice and qualifying sessions as well as during race events. All of the above items must be presented at Scrutineering.

Competitors must possess a current valid competition license issued by an approved sanctioning organization (VMC, VARAC, CASC,  IMSA, SVRA, SCCA, WHRRI etc.). All competitors must have a valid driver’s license.

REGISTRATION (Please inform your crew)
Thursday- 5pm to 8pm– registration in the tech building weather permitting, or otherwise in press room in the tower.
Friday-8am to 11am - registration in the tech building weather permitting, or otherwise in press room in the tower. and will be available throughout the day on call as needed.
Saturday - 8am to 10 am - registration is at the tech building.
If not signed in during these times, crew passes will be available for purchase that can be left at the front gate will call under the drivers name.

Attendance at all drivers’ meetings is mandatory.

This race event is intended as a moving showcase for vintage/historic sports and racing cars. On-track driver conduct is to demonstrate an attitude of friendly, wheel-to-wheel competition. The cars are the show; winning is secondary to a clean event, and no driver shall commit to a situation which leaves no margin for error – their own or another’s.  Drivers found at fault in damage-causing incidents will withdraw from the event and will be placed on probation for a period of thirteen months, with notification of said probation forwarded to other sanctioning organizations via the Vintage Motorsports Council’s Infraction List. Further incidents while on probation may result in additional penalties.  Any car suffering damage in an accident must be repaired and re-inspected by Scrutineering before continuing in competition. Minor/cosmetic repairs may be allowed; no car will be allowed to continue after suffering structural damage or rollover.

First time competitors at Waterford Hills are encouraged and welcome.  A track familiarization and orientation session will be held Friday morning prior to open practice.  We offer Friday practice and instruction service at no additional charge to help ensure a enjoyable weekend for you and your fellow entrants.

Waterford Hills is located in what is now a residential area. Many facets of the track’s operation are strictly controlled by local Township ordinances. Such restrictions include the hours of operation and sound control. Race engines may not be operated prior to 10:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m. on any day.  Questions of sound limitations may be directed towards the event chair.

Every vehicle will be inspected and cars without an approved sticker will not be allowed on the track. The primary purpose of this inspection is to ensure that the vehicle is mechanically sound and safe for competition. Among the items to be inspected will be the roll bar, seat belts/harness/anchorages, steering linkage, brake lines, suspension battery mountings, exhaust/muffler system, brake lights, oil lines, fire extinguisher, tires and driver’s safety equipment.
Vehicles will be inspected in each competitor’s paddock space and competitors having vehicle logbooks should present them at that time. Cars must be presented in a clean condition and “ready to race.” The Chief Scrutineer is empowered to exclude any competitor for general appearance or condition.
Ensuring that the eligibility rules of this event are met will be the responsibility of each individual competitor and his fellow competitors. Only items of gross non-conformity will be noted during the technical inspection.
The entry fee will be refunded to any competitor whose vehicle fails to pass the technical inspection.

Access to the paddock will be restricted to vehicular traffic only while race vehicles are on the track. There is limited space for transporters and large trailers in the paddock. This will limit competitors to the maximum of one support vehicle per entry. Please note: A support vehicle is one enclosed trailer or one vehicle (i.e., car, van, or truck).  There is a designated area for tow trailers outside the paddock if they are not the support vehicles. The support vehicle sticker is required to be affixed to the actual support vehicle. NO EXCEPTIONS. Unauthorized vehicles will be removed from the paddock area. Multiple entries for one car must share one support vehicle; only one pass will be issued. We have a very crowded paddock. Please drive slowly and carefully. Remember, drivers are responsible for the actions of their crew. We thank you in advance for your past and future cooperation in helping our paddock run smoothly. Children under 12 years of age are permitted in the paddock only if strictly supervised by an adult. Waterford Hills is a pet friendly facility, however, pets must be kept leashed or otherwise restrained at all times and owners are responsible for picking up after their pets.  Please follow rules of common courtesy and consideration to others.

NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES may be opened or consumed in the pits and paddock until the completion of the last race of the day. Crew members or guests who violate these rules will be ejected. Drivers will be responsible for the conduct of their crew at all times.

Large tents will be erected for use as garage space in lieu of support vehicles. A limited number of spaces will be available for rent to competitors. Those who wish to reserve space should check the appropriate box on the application. Note that larger tents may be used for multiples competitors. Space will be allotted based on date of application received. Competitors requesting space will be advised of availability.  Cost of tent rental will not be refundable if applicant cancels.

In the paddock mopeds, scooters, golf carts, bicycles and ATVs are prohibited during racing hours, except by race officials.

A food service concession stand is located in the base of the race control tower serving hot breakfast and lunch. A souvenir “boutique” is also situated in the paddock.  A professional welder, tire service, and race fuel are all available on site in the paddock.

Camping facilities are available in the designated campground on the OCSC grounds. Smaller RVs may camp in your paddock spot. Restrooms and showers are on site. Note: No water hook ups or dumping station - plan accordingly.  Tents allowed in campground only.

Trophies and checkered flag laps will be given to 1st place finishes.

Entries (88)

Maad Korwin
Lee Poseidon
Connor Byrnes
Nicholas Polimeni
Kevin Corrigan
Pete Halsmer
Randy Samson
Manley Ford

Waterford Hills

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