Thu, Mar 8, 2018

2018 TSCC Winter Karting Series #4(of 4)

Le Mans Karting(Portsmouth, VA)

About this event

Le Mans Karting

2882 Airline Blvd, Portsmouth, VA 23701

Thursday March 8th, 2018

For the new year we will be hosting our Winter Karting Series at Le Mans Karting in Portsmouth, VA! 

Event Format:

Everybody participating will get to run (2)  7.5 min qualifiers plus (1) 15 minute Points Race for their entry fee(below).

The first qualifier(Q1) will be done primarily as a practice session and based upon single fastest lap times, determines the starting order for the second qualifier(Q2). Then starting order for the main race will be based upon the laptimes times from Q2.

Due to popular request and 100% vote at event #3, the final event will be done where your times from Q1 AND Q2 both count... your fastest single lap from either of those two races will be what determines your starting order and which of the groups you will be in for your final Points Race.

Le Mans can accommodate approximately (10) drivers at once, which will necessitate multiple qualifiers to be run, and the main race will be split into an A-Main/B-Main/etc as necessary. 

Series Points will be awarded for each race on the following scale:

1st - 100

2nd - 98

3rd - 96

4th - 94

5th - 92

6th - 90

7th - 88

8th - 86

9th - 84

10th - 82

11th - 80

12th - 78

13th - 76

14th - 74

15th - 72

16th - 70

17th - 68

18th - 66

19th - 64

20th - 62

21st - 60

22nd - 58

23rd - 56

24th - 54

25th - 52

26th - 50

27th - 48

28th - 46

29th - 44

30th - 42

31st - 40

32nd - 38

33rd - 36

34th - 34

35th - 32

If there are over 36 participants, everyone 36th+ will get 30 points.

The Series is comprised of four events, and one will be dropped for total season points calculations. In the event of a points tie at the end of the series, placing will be dictated by the fastest lap time(entire night - times from both qualifiers and the main race are eligible) at the most recent event in which both(or more) drivers in question attended the same night.

Prizes(for series points):

1st - $50 gift card good for 3 free races

2nd - $40 gift card good for 2 free races

3rd - $20 gift card good for 1 free race

...all thanks to Le Mans Karting!

Plus there will be trophies given out from Tidewater Sports Car Club for the above places, plus potentially a few more depending on series attendance!


If you’re interested in coming out and joining us there are a few things that we ask that you do to make this a smooth event for all of us:

  1. Pre-register here on MSR 
  2. Arrive on time, 6pm is when we will start checking in for registration, which will close at 6:30. Racing starts at 7pm, late shows will not be able to participate.
  3. Lastly, have fun!

Le Mans is offering special pricing for the TSCC Winter Karting Series which is dependent upon the number of participants:

7 or less - Price will be $50 for the three races

8-14 participants - Price will be $40 for the three races

15+ - Price will be $35 for the three races

Money will be due once everyone is checked in and pre-registered to determine the rate. Please show up to register between 6:00 and 6:30, racing starts at 7:00pm!

Event requirements

All drivers MUST hold a Le Mans Karting License($25) which is good for a year and includes one free race(that can be used outside of the Winter Karting Series), a free paintball game, and during the month of your birthday you can purchase one race and get (3) races for free. If you do not hold a license prior to the first series event, then you will need to purchase one prior to racing.

Entries (13)

Matthew Piotrowski
Robert Godiciu
Alyse Bisbee
Bryan Nicely
Chris Ricardo
Emery Holmes
Remey Holmes
Mark Houchins

Le Mans Karting(Portsmouth, VA)

Portsmouth, VA


Karting organized by

Tidewater Sports Car Club

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