Sun, May 6, 2018

2018 NNJR-PCA Car Control Clinic

MetLife Stadium

About this event

This Is NNJR-PCA's annual Car Control Clinic, held at  MetLife Stadium, Lot L Sunday May 6th

This event is held once each year and sells out quickly.

This is a fabulous, and once-a-year opportunity to really learn about proper high performance driving in a convenient, one-day, safe, instructed environment.

No vehicle class is required.  Simply choose "fun!" class to make the registration program happy.

This event operates rain or shine.

This is a full day event, split into morning and afternoon sessions.  You drive one session and work the other session.  You must plan on spending the entire day at the CCC.

PCA members have priority in the event that we are overbooked.

When driving, you will be paired with an instructor who will help you explore your car's potential, and yours.  There are a series of exorcizes including braking, slalom, and skidpads.  With luck we will have the local Fire Department in attendance to wet down the circuit for us.  Last year we had the assistance of God (it poured all day).

Registration is $100 per student.  Two people may share a car (morning/afternoon), but each must register and pay the registration fee.  Please notify us of shared vehicles so we may schedule you.  If you have a helmet, please bring it, if you can borrow one, please do.  however we have a few loaners available.  A helmet is legally required, and essential for your safety.

There will be an instructional talk from our Chief Instructor, a short lunch break (please bring, food, water, sunscreen (maybe), and of course the main sessions.  More instructions will be sent to you closer to the event.

No special preparation is required for your vehicle, but it will be inspected for safety on site. Make sure everything is in good working order, and tight.  Inflate tires to the manufacturer's specified pressure.  Remove anything loose from the car before you leave. On site you will be asked to even remove floor mats etc. (safety), so bring a container to store them.

Please arrive by 8:00am.

Event requirements

All you need is a car (does not even need to be a Porsche), and yourself!  You should have appropriate shoes (driving shoes or sneakers are open toe shoes).  Short-sleeves and shorts are OK.  If you have a 2010/15 SA or M rated helmet, please bring it.  Otherwise, we have a few loaner helmets available. Balaclavas will also be available for purchase.

For more information on the NNJR-PCA autocross program, events, info for first-timers, etc., please visit:

Please select "FUN" from the class pull-down below, it is the last one. Sorry for the extra step.

8:00 AM registration opens.




Entries (74)

Andrey Khvostov
Scott Olsen
Gerald Manna
Vidal Erbesh
David Eggermann
David Martin
Bart Tylutki
Steve Sanders

MetLife Stadium

East Rutherford, NJ


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