Fri, Feb 10, 2023

1-Day Performance Driving course

Radford Racing School

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Our Performance Driving course is designed to introduce and expand on, advanced car control techniques through topics such as vision, weight transfer, vehicle dynamics, tire contact patch and much more. Regardless of your current driving skillset, this is the course for those looking for an intro to performance driving, a way to brush up on old skills, or those looking for an exhilarating new experience.


Students create a solid driving foundation by starting off in the classroom where our tenured instructors dive into the theory of car control before we head to the skid pad to master the basics with driver exercises such as high-speed braking, slalom drills, evasive maneuvers, and skid control in our one-of-a-kind skid car.


Once the basics are accounted for, we head to the track to introduce racing lines concepts such as turn identification, turn-in points, trail braking, apex identification, and exit points. We reenforce these concepts with autocross challenges, on-track handling drills, lead-and-follow sessions, and lastly by opening the track to students.


Our 3:1 student to instructor allows for ample personal feedback throughout the course to ensure students are constantly improving weather on the skid pad or track. Known as one of the driving schools with the most seat time, students will leave this course a much better daily and performance driver.

Event requirements

  • Closed-toe shoes are REQUIRED – Driving or lightweight shoes are recommended.
  • Helmets are NOT provided.
    • Students may bring their own full-face helmets that are HANS compatible and rated SA2015 or higher.
    • Students may purchase a full-face helmet on site for $189.99. 
  • Clothing that is flexible, moisture wicking, and otherwise intended for a day of activity are the most appropriate.
  • Shorts and t-shirts are acceptable.
  • Boxed lunches are provided for students daily.

Radford Racing School

Chandler, AZ
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Download track map


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