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Attendee List

2019 Gene Messer Volkswagen Autocross Series- June

PCA - West Texas

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Reese Airpark, Lubbock , TX

Event   59 entries
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# Name Group YearMakeSponsor Hometown
1 Placeholder Avatar Finke, Michael 2017Fiat Ransom Canyon, TX
2 Placeholder Avatar Goldston, Jeff 2000Audi S4 Lubbock, TX
7 Placeholder Avatar Hoard, Daniel 2000Honda S2000 Big Spring, TX
11 Avatar Image Foust, Ryan 2002Chevrolet Corvette Forsan, TX
17 Avatar Image Gray, Andy 2016Porsche GT4 Lubbock, TX
23 Placeholder Avatar Finlay, Ian 1999Mazda Mx5 Miata Lubbock, TX
26 Placeholder Avatar McIntosh, Lance Caterham Super 7 Lubbock, TX
34 Placeholder Avatar Hernandez, Rene 2010BMW M3 Lubbock, TX
37 Placeholder Avatar DENTON, TIM 2002Chevrolet Corvette Lubbock, TX
38 Placeholder Avatar La Brec, Jeffrey 2006Nissan SentraCounty Line Heating, A/C and Refridgeration Lubbock, TX
43 Placeholder Avatar Patterson, Matt 2004Subaru STiScoggin Dickey Lubbock, TX
56 Placeholder Avatar Boyd, Kendall 2002Audi TT Lubbock, TX
65 Placeholder Avatar Cowling, Byron 2006Dodge ViperByron Cowling Moving Lubbock, TX
75 Placeholder Avatar Cowling, Bo 1975Pontiac Trans AmByron Cowling Moving Lubbock, TX
79 Avatar Image Wong, Steven 2002Honda S2000 Amarillo, TX
83 Placeholder Avatar Cheng, David 2003Honda S2000 Midland, TX
101 Avatar Image perez, cesar 1999Mazda MiataNone Lubbock, TX
105 Avatar Image Kirks, Gerald 2006Chevrolet CorvetteNa Amarillo, TX
106 Placeholder Avatar Wirkner, Jesse 1990BMW 325i Lubbock, TX
107 Avatar Image Nunley, Corey 2008Toyota Tacoma Lubbock, TX
108 Avatar Image Nunley, Kelly 1994Ford F-150 Lightningnone Lubbock, TX
116 Placeholder Avatar Salley, Tim 2017Subaru BRZ Dumas, TX
123 Placeholder Avatar Atwood, Madison Mazda Miata Lubbock, TX
131 Avatar Image Tran, Kenneth 2004Acura Tsx Lubbock, TX
137 Avatar Image Wilson, Bailey 2005Mini Cooper S JCWSpallholz Motorwerks Lubbock, TX
139 Placeholder Avatar Trevino, Mark 2014Ford Mustang Lubbock, TX
145 Placeholder Avatar Bennett, Brett 2017Ford MustangNone Lubbock, TX
147 Placeholder Avatar Lam, Kenny 1993Nissan 240sx Lubbock, TX
155 Placeholder Avatar Russell, John 2017Ford Mustang GTNone Ransom Canyon, Tx
169 Avatar Image Condren, Terry 2014Hyundai Genesis RspecWhiteline Lubbock, TX
189 Placeholder Avatar Mueller, Matt 2010Nissan GTRhis WIFE Amarillo, TX
206 Avatar Image Ruppert, Jonathan (JD) 2006Ford Mustang Lubbock, TX
228 Placeholder Avatar Hodges, Sean 2016Mazda MX-5 Miata Lubbock, TX
231 Placeholder Avatar harvey, christopher 2008BMW 135i Lubbock, TX
271 Placeholder Avatar Sammons Jr, Tony Chevrolet camaro rsnone ODESSA, TX
289 Placeholder Avatar Todd, Wesley 2014Scion FR-S Brownfield, TX
311 Placeholder Avatar Welch, John 1998BMW M3 Midland, TX
316 Placeholder Avatar Walterhouse, James 1991Mazda Miata Big Spring, TX
321 Placeholder Avatar Garcia, Nick 1999Mazda Miata Midland, TX
389 Placeholder Avatar Evans, Matthew 2016Volkswagen Golf R Lubbock, TX
399 Placeholder Avatar Carver, Don 2003Mini Cooper SUCI Amarillo, TX
404 Placeholder Avatar Gamez, Miguel 2007Nissan 350z lubbock, Tx
419 Placeholder Avatar Dardik, Trevor 2000Porsche Boxster S Lubbock, TX
427 Avatar Image Tolbert, Ricky 2001Chevrolet Z06 Midland, TX
431 Placeholder Avatar Sterling, Bliss 2004Mazda RX8
454 Placeholder Avatar Lacouture, Shelby 2008Mercedes-Benz slk-350 Lubbock, TX
469 Avatar Image Abney, James 2003Chevrolet Corvette Lubbock, TX
520 Avatar Image Harrington, Dustin 2016Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 R-SpecFat Guy Racing League, Architross Designs Amarillo, TX
601 Placeholder Avatar Watkins, Ashley 2018Ford Lubbock, TX
667 Placeholder Avatar Leach, Jacob 2015Chevrolet Corvette Lubbock, TX
701 Placeholder Avatar Dowd, Scot E Ford DaytonaMolecular motors SHallowater, TX
722 Placeholder Avatar Spence, John 2019Subaru WRX Big Spring, TX
806 Placeholder Avatar Ballinger, Bryce 2015Subaru sTi Lubbock, TX
812 Placeholder Avatar Foos, Daryl 2018Subaru BRZ ts Lubbock, TX
915 Placeholder Avatar Kunkel, Clark 2014Ford GT 500 Mustang Lubbock, TX
930 Placeholder Avatar Little, Todd 1986Porsche 944 Turbo (951) Pampa, TX
976 Placeholder Avatar Sanchez, Victor Honda S2000 Midland, TX
991 Placeholder Avatar Pershall, Kim Porsche 911 GT3 Lubbock, TX
998 Placeholder Avatar Dowd, Scot 1968Chevrolet corvette SHallowater, TX

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