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Attendee List

NWSC Advanced Day at Road America

Northwoods Region Shelby Club

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Road America, Plymouth, WI

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Thursday  65 entries
#   Name Status  YrMakeSponsor Hometown
166 Placeholder Avatar Balestrieri, Brian Checked in 2011BMW 1M Colgate, WI
96 Placeholder Avatar Balestrieri, Jim Checked in 2007Mazda MX5 Elkhart lake, WI
154 Avatar Image Bavolek, Al Checked in 2008Chevrolet ZO6 Corvette Geneva, IL
04 Placeholder Avatar Behlmer, Alex Checked in 2003BMW M3 Hortonville, WI
620 Avatar Image Bobbitt, Steve Checked in 2009Porsche Cayman S Fairfax Station, VA
3 Placeholder Avatar Braendel, Addison Checked in 2018Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Chicago, IL
118 Placeholder Avatar Brescia, Donald Checked in 2019Porsche GT2RS Oshkosh, WI
55 Avatar Image Bylis, Paul Checked in 2003BMW M3 Ellicott City, MD
330 Avatar Image CALLAWAY, CAL Checked in 2003BMW M3EUROTECH AUTOMOTIVE South Beloit, IL
177 Placeholder Avatar Cameron, Bruce Checked in 2012Ford Boss 302SFull Tilt Boogie Racing Waukesha, WI
111 Avatar Image Coates, Jim Checked in 2016BMW M4 GTS Leesburg, VA
16 Avatar Image Coates, Troy Checked in 2018Ford GT350TCMotorsports/ Lung Cancer Awareness Rhinelander, WI
5 Placeholder Avatar Cornett, Jason Checked in 1997BMW M3 Wake Forest, NC
282 Placeholder Avatar de Peralta, Chuck Checked in 2018Porsche GT3 Alliance, OH
99 Placeholder Avatar Dimakos, Steve Checked in 2014Porsche GT3 Cup Winnetka, il
019 Placeholder Avatar Dozier, David Checked in 2015Ford Saint Charles, MO
121 Avatar Image Esposito, Stephen Checked in 2018Ford Mustang GTAnderson Composites, Exedy Port Chester, NY
12 Avatar Image Flanagan, Steven Checked in 2020BMW M5 CompetitionRacer Motors LLC Arlington, VA
88 Placeholder Avatar Gipple, Todd Checked in 2018Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE Bettendorf, IA
47 Placeholder Avatar Gyann, John Checked in 2004Stohr WF1Gycor international Darien, IL
42 Avatar Image Halloran, Walter Checked in 2004Porsche 996 turbo Granger, IN
740 Placeholder Avatar Hammann, Gary Checked in 1995BMW 318 tiCal & Gus Motors / Binder Engineering / M&D Finance Elkhart Lake, WI
72 Placeholder Avatar Hammann, Nic Checked in 2012Ford Mustang GTAnderson Lumber Elkhart Lake, WI
44 Placeholder Avatar Hansen, Mitchell Checked in 2016KTM GT4 Manitowoc, WI
06 Avatar Image Hasenberg, Mark Checked in 2016Ford Shelby GT350 Kenosha, WI
7 Placeholder Avatar Honczarenko, Marek Checked in 2017Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Highland Park, IL
62 Placeholder Avatar Hull, Matthew Checked in 2003Porsche 911 Turbo Clifton, VA
4 Avatar Image Ivic, Tommy Checked in 1995BMW M3Tier Car Care, S.T.R. Baltimore, MD
6 Placeholder Avatar Johnson, Owen Checked in 2019Porsche GT4 Naples, FL
2 Avatar Image Jones, Todd Checked in 1995BMW M3T&T Racing, Dead Broke Racing, OTE Racing Raleigh, NC
25 Placeholder Avatar Ketten, Michael Checked in 2002Porsche 996.1 Cup Milwaukee, WI
07 Placeholder Avatar La Macchia, Ralph Checked in 1998Carbir CS2La Macchia Group Racing Milwaukee, WI
87 Avatar Image Lasher, Jocelyn Checked in 2002BMW M3 Leesburg, VA
69 Avatar Image Lippner, Paul Checked in 2016BMW M4 Silver Spring, MD
471 Avatar Image Lombardo, Ernie Checked in Sea Cliff, NY
40 Avatar Image Mason, Jon Checked in 2005BMW M3 Crystal Lake, IL
85 Placeholder Avatar Moore, Ray Checked in 2010Dodge Viper ACRx Chesterfield, MO
155 Placeholder Avatar Myers, Allen Checked in 2014Ford Boss 302S Ames, IA
180 Avatar Image Myers, Steve Checked in 2016Ford GT350 Ames, IA
66 Placeholder Avatar Nielsen, Gary Checked in 1965Factory Five Racing Roadster MKIITeam Nielsen Matteson, IL
069 Placeholder Avatar Northrup, Ken Checked in 2006Mazda Miata Dousman, WI
41 Avatar Image Redmond, James Checked in 2015Porsche 911 GT3 Long Lake, MN
042 Placeholder Avatar Redmond, Tom Checked in 2018Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE wayzata, mn
707 Avatar Image Reiche, Colleen Checked in 2016Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Herndon, VA
777 Avatar Image Reiche, Sean Checked in 2019Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Herndon, VA
333 Avatar Image Reid, Anne Checked in 2016Porsche Gt3 Orlando, FL
60 Placeholder Avatar Roethel, Christopher Checked in 2018Chevrolet Corvette Z06 West Bend, WI
1 Placeholder Avatar Rosenbacher, Joel Checked in 2019Ferrari 488 Chicago, IL
303 Placeholder Avatar Roush, Nick Checked in 2002BMW M3 Bangor, WI
24 Placeholder Avatar Shirron, Thomas Checked in 2003BMW M3 Alexandria, VA
67 Placeholder Avatar Siddique, Awais Checked in 2015Porsche GT3 Elkhart Lake, WI
37 Placeholder Avatar Smith, Jay Checked in 2013Porsche 991 C2S McLean, VA
581 Avatar Image Smither, Nick Checked in 2017Ford GT350R Novi, MI
323 Placeholder Avatar Stefka, Mark Checked in 2009Nissan 370Z Dousman, WI
23 Avatar Image Stevens, Jeff Checked in 2007Porsche Cayman SChestnut Technology Consulting Eau Claire, WI
324 Placeholder Avatar Stiefel, John Checked in 2015Porsche GT3 Chicago, IL
77 Avatar Image Stokes, Ryan Checked in 2006BMW Z4MC Leesburg, VA
80 Placeholder Avatar Sullivan, John P. Checked in 2011Porsche 997 Cup Great Falls, VA
08 Placeholder Avatar Sullivan, Melonie Checked in 2011Porsche 997 Cup Great Falls, VA
011 Placeholder Avatar Thomas, Steven Checked in 2018Mazda Mx-5 Venice, CA
104 Placeholder Avatar Vitas, John Checked in 2016Ford Mustang GT Greendale, WI
262 Placeholder Avatar Watry, Travis Checked in 2002Ford Focus SVT Malone, WI
129 Placeholder Avatar Whitlow, Todd Checked in 2017Ford Mustang GT Eldridge, IA
161 Placeholder Avatar Wolf, M Bart Checked in Carbir S2 Carbir CS2.0 Elkhart Lake, WI
007 Placeholder Avatar Zimmer, Todd Checked in 2003Chev. Corvette Z06GT Racing Tires Milwaukee, WI

65 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.