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Attendee List

Son of Sno*Drift XX

SCCA - Detroit Region

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Aubree's Pizzeria & Grill, South Lyon, MI

Car numbers are only shown in order for you to sort competitors by team.  After the seeded draw, car numbers will be changed to starting order.


Day 1  38 entries
#   Name Status Class Group  YrMakeSponsor
12 Placeholder Avatar Anderson, Andrew Checked in Navigator
2 Avatar Image Boris, Jeff Checked in Equipped Driver 2017Ford Focus RSTeam Bori
2 Placeholder Avatar Boris, Nic Checked in Navigator
4 Placeholder Avatar Bringen, Sharon Checked in Navigator
16 Avatar Image Carpenter, Jared Checked in Novice Driver 2002Subaru WRX
1 Avatar Image Dawson, Laura Checked in Equipped Navigator
17 Avatar Image Deming, Alvin Checked in Novice Driver 2003Pontiac Grand AM GT
9 Placeholder Avatar Dwyer, Todd Checked in Navigator
13 Avatar Image Elkins, Jacob Checked in Novice Driver 2013Subaru wrx
3 Placeholder Avatar Evans, Triston Checked in Navigator
15 Placeholder Avatar Finazzo, Cory Checked in Novice Driver 2015Subaru WRX
1 Avatar Image Fishbeck, John Checked in Equipped Driver 2006Subaru Impreza 2.5i
5 Placeholder Avatar Ford, Janis Checked in Navigator
14 Placeholder Avatar Godin, Levi Checked in Novice Driver 2005Audi A4
16 Placeholder Avatar Gregorka, Brian Checked in Navigator
Placeholder Avatar Henderson, Erik Checked in Novice Driver 2017Ford Fiesta
Placeholder Avatar Henderson, Riley Checked in Navigator
14 Placeholder Avatar Houghton, John Checked in Navigator
15 Placeholder Avatar Kirk, Justin Checked in Navigator
13 Placeholder Avatar Koenke, Stephen Checked in Navigator
11 Placeholder Avatar Koganti, Chandra Checked in Stock Driver 2016Subaru WRX
3 Avatar Image Layton, Andrew Checked in Equipped Driver 2008Subaru Impreza WRXRevolution Press, LLC
Placeholder Avatar Legath, Brandon Checked in Stock Driver 2004Audi A4
17 Placeholder Avatar Lentz, Kalvin Checked in Navigator
8 Placeholder Avatar Loughlin, Kevin Checked in Stock Navigator 1985Mazda RX7
8 Placeholder Avatar Nizza, Jordan Checked in Driver
10 Placeholder Avatar Robinette, Richard Checked in Navigator
7 Placeholder Avatar Roszczenko, Piotr Checked in Navigator
5 Placeholder Avatar Sellers, Dave Checked in Equipped Driver 2014Subaru Impreza
7 Placeholder Avatar Spieszny, Adam Checked in Limited Driver 1993Eagle Talon TSI AWD
4 Placeholder Avatar Starr, Gary Checked in Equipped Driver 1999Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
12 Placeholder Avatar Stephens, Brian Checked in Novice Driver 1998Audi A4
19 Placeholder Avatar Teste, Calvi Checked in Navigator
11 Placeholder Avatar Vendlinski, Rick Checked in Navigator
6 Placeholder Avatar Wiedbusch, Dennis Checked in Navigator
6 Placeholder Avatar Wiedbusch, Kenneth Checked in Equipped Driver 2007Chevrolet Cobalt SS/SC
10 Placeholder Avatar Worden, Richard Checked in Stock Driver 2002Audi TT
19 Placeholder Avatar Yu, Jasper Checked in Novice Driver 2012Honda

38 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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