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Driver School

BMW CCA - New Jersey Chapter

Friday, Apr 16 — Sunday, Apr 18, 2021

Thunderbolt Raceway, Millville, NJ

Sat-Sun  74 entries
  Name Status Class  YrMakeSponsor
Placeholder Avatar Abriano, Michael Confirmed Intermediate Student 1989BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Allen, Mike Confirmed Advanced Student 1988BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Attiani, Michael Confirmed Intermediate Student 2012Mini Cooper S/JCW
Placeholder Avatar Bartlett, Bart Confirmed Instructor 1989BMW 325i
Avatar Image Beausoleil, Sean Confirmed Beginner Student 1984Volkswagen Rabbit Gti
Avatar Image Betegh, Nicolas Confirmed Instructor 1969Porsche 911 CP
Avatar Image Blow, Colin Confirmed Instructor 2018Subaru BRZ - tSPrisma3 Motorsports
Avatar Image Brown, Scott Confirmed Instructor 1998BMW M3
Avatar Image Cahn, Matthew Confirmed Instructor 2005Lotus Elise
Avatar Image Chow, David Confirmed Advanced Student 2017Audi A3
Avatar Image D'Angeli, Louis Confirmed Instructor 2008BMW M3Single Malt Racing
Avatar Image Dentice, James Confirmed Intermediate Student 2002BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Dion, Joel Confirmed Instructor 2002BMW M3
Avatar Image Dion, Michael Confirmed Instructor 2004Porsche GT3
Placeholder Avatar Duell, Emery Confirmed Advanced Student 1992BMW 325is
Placeholder Avatar Duncan, Michael Confirmed Advanced Student 1999BMW E36 M3
Avatar Image Ehrman, Geoffrey Confirmed Instructor 2003Porsche 996 GT3 Cup
Placeholder Avatar Eisenach, Mark Confirmed Instructor 2015BMW M4
Avatar Image Field, Gregory Confirmed Instructor 1997BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Gaines, Glenn Confirmed Beginner Student 2001Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Avatar Image Gemeinhardt, Ronald Confirmed Advanced Student 2003BMW 330Ci
Placeholder Avatar Gierat, Rafal Confirmed Beginner Student 2005BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Gonzalez, Robert Confirmed Intermediate Student 2020Subaru BRZ
Placeholder Avatar Hargesheimer, Bob Confirmed Advanced Student 2011Porsche Cup
Avatar Image Herchenrider Jr., Stephen Confirmed Instructor 1989BMW 325is
Placeholder Avatar Herchenrider, Sr., Steve Confirmed Instructor 1993BMW 325 is
Avatar Image Huddy, Evan Confirmed Beginner Student 2002BMW M3
Avatar Image Hunkins, Serge Confirmed Instructor 2010Porsche 911 S
Placeholder Avatar Inzana, Tom Confirmed Intermediate Student 2018BMW M4
Placeholder Avatar Karamat, Mo Confirmed Instructor 1998BMW M3OffCamber Autosport
Avatar Image Kavalieros, James Checked in Instructor 1991BMW 318is
Avatar Image Kim, Peter Confirmed Intermediate Student 2010Porsche 911 C2S
Avatar Image Kohler, Devyn Confirmed Intermediate Student 1999Porsche BoxsterRed Dragon Racing (Below)
Avatar Image Kohler, Thomas Confirmed Instructor 1995Porsche 993Thomas M Kohler, DDS
Avatar Image Korinis, Andy Confirmed Instructor 2011BMW 1M
Placeholder Avatar Kress, Martin Confirmed Beginner Student 1986BMW 325e
Avatar Image Lippincott, Frances Confirmed Advanced Student 2002BMW 330ci
Avatar Image Mack, Allison Confirmed Beginner Student 2009BMW 328i xDrive
Avatar Image Manaresi, Philip Confirmed Beginner Student 2019BMW M2 competition
Placeholder Avatar Mayer, Stanley Confirmed Instructor 2003Chevrolet Z06 Corvette
Placeholder Avatar McMullen, Mirril Confirmed Instructor 1999BMW M3
Avatar Image Menda, Justin Confirmed Beginner Student 2008BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Montanti, Vincent Confirmed Instructor 1999BMW 328is
Avatar Image Morriss, Jeff Confirmed Instructor 2004BMW 330i ZHP (sedan
Avatar Image Nebab, Kevin Confirmed Beginner Student 1995BMW m3
Avatar Image Ngai, Paul Confirmed Instructor 1995BMW M3
Avatar Image ONeill, Chester Confirmed Intermediate Student 1995BMW M3
Avatar Image Parker, Jerry Confirmed Intermediate Student 2006Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Placeholder Avatar Place, Tyler Confirmed Beginner Student 1997BMW M3
Avatar Image Potechko, Andrew Confirmed Advanced Student 2005BMW 330ci ZHP
Placeholder Avatar Rios, Luis Confirmed Beginner Student 2018Porsche 718
Placeholder Avatar Ryan, John Confirmed Beginner Student 2008BMW M3Engineering Solutions
Placeholder Avatar Scott, Rod Confirmed Instructor 2004BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Sheehy, Kevin Confirmed Advanced Student 1991BMW 318is
Placeholder Avatar Shih, Thomas Confirmed Instructor 2020Porsche 718 GT4
Placeholder Avatar Shin, Phillip Confirmed Advanced Student 2014Lotus Elise Cup
Placeholder Avatar Siegel, Barry Confirmed Intermediate Student 2008BMW 335xi Coupe
Avatar Image Silverstein, Alan Confirmed Advanced Student 2013Subaru BRZ
Placeholder Avatar Simon, John Confirmed Intermediate Student 2017BMW M2
Placeholder Avatar Simon, William Confirmed Intermediate Student 2013BMW M5None
Placeholder Avatar Singh, Gagandeep Confirmed Intermediate Student 2010BMW 128i
Avatar Image Soisson, Paul Confirmed Advanced Student 2011BMW 328i x-drive
Placeholder Avatar Sorgi, Anthony Confirmed Advanced Student 1998BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Stevens, Barry Confirmed Instructor 1988BMW M3
Avatar Image Stoken, Don Confirmed Intermediate Student 2003BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Stoken, Drew Confirmed Advanced Student 2003BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Thomaes, Marc Confirmed Instructor 1990BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Trudel, Jonathan Confirmed Intermediate Student 2019Volkswagen Golf R
Placeholder Avatar VanOcker, Bill Confirmed Instructor 1995BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Voloshin, Thomas Confirmed Instructor 2021Mini Cooper JCW GP
Avatar Image West, Morris Confirmed Instructor 2009Porsche Cayman S
Placeholder Avatar White, Jeff Confirmed Instructor 2005Mini Cooper S
Placeholder Avatar Williams, Greg Confirmed Instructor 1998BMW M3
Avatar Image Yelenik, Stephan Confirmed Instructor 2010Porsche Cayman S

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