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Attendee List

2020 Ohio Winter Rally

SCCA - Neohio Region - Road Rally

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Redhawk Grille, Concord, OH

Car numbers are only shown in order for you to sort competitors by team.  After the seeded draw, car numbers will be changed to starting order.


Day 1  46 entries
#   Name Status Class Group  YrMakeSponsor
6 Placeholder Avatar Acierno, Antonio Confirmed Stock Navigator
1 Placeholder Avatar Bennett, Michael Confirmed Equipped Navigator 2017Ford Focus RS
11 Avatar Image Berzins, Corey Confirmed Novice Driver 2016Dodge Charger sxt awdNA.
7 Avatar Image Boechko, Andriy Confirmed Novice Navigator
9 Avatar Image Chang, Titus Confirmed Novice Driver 2015Subaru WRX
7 Avatar Image Cronin, Jeremy Confirmed Novice Driver 2018Alfa Romeo Stelvio
4 Placeholder Avatar Crowe, Bill Confirmed Stock Driver 2006Saturn ionconcord handling equipment
4 Placeholder Avatar Crowe, Susan Confirmed Stock Navigator
2 Placeholder Avatar De Serrano, Patricia Confirmed Stock Navigator
6 Placeholder Avatar Dreslinski, Derek Confirmed Stock Driver 2008Mercedes-Benz E350 4matic
23 Placeholder Avatar D'Souza, Savera Confirmed Limited Navigator
19 Placeholder Avatar Elassi, Khalil Confirmed Stock Navigator
16 Placeholder Avatar FitzGerald, Christoph Confirmed Novice Driver 2014Volkswagen GTIHS Tuning
17 Placeholder Avatar Glover, Raymond Confirmed Stock Driver 2012Subaru Impreza
23 Placeholder Avatar Gopalkrishnan, Satish Confirmed Limited Driver 2015Volkswagen GTI
21 Placeholder Avatar Hammer, David Confirmed Stock Driver
3 Placeholder Avatar Harkcom, Daniel Confirmed Limited Navigator
3 Placeholder Avatar Harkcom, David Confirmed Limited Driver 2010Saab 9-3 XWD
8 Placeholder Avatar Johnson, Keith Confirmed Novice Navigator
10 Avatar Image Johnstonbaugh, Ron Confirmed Equipped Driver 2015Volkswagen GTI
16 Placeholder Avatar Jones, Kyle Confirmed Novice Navigator
1 Placeholder Avatar Kay, Robert Confirmed Equipped Driver
19 Placeholder Avatar Kazminykh, Aliaksandr Confirmed Stock Driver 2014Audi A6
15 Placeholder Avatar Khalil, Mike Confirmed Novice Navigator
12 Placeholder Avatar Kirsch, Carleton Confirmed Stock Driver
12 Placeholder Avatar Kirsch, Jeanine Confirmed Stock Navigator
20 Avatar Image Krager, Josh Confirmed Novice Driver Subaru Outback
17 Placeholder Avatar Lancaster, Dave Confirmed Stock Navigator
22 Placeholder Avatar Largent, Amber Confirmed Novice Navigator
14 Avatar Image Leis, Andrew Confirmed Novice Navigator
10 Placeholder Avatar Moran, Robert Confirmed Equipped Navigator
18 Placeholder Avatar Oxendine, Michael Confirmed Novice Navigator
18 Placeholder Avatar Oxendine, Michael Confirmed Novice Driver 2009Honda Fit
5 Placeholder Avatar Palsa, Nathan Confirmed Novice Navigator
13 Avatar Image Pete, Kris Confirmed Novice Driver 2005Chevrolet Trailblazer
13 Avatar Image Pete, Stephanie Confirmed Novice Navigator
8 Avatar Image Pokines, Jason Confirmed Novice Driver 2013Ford Focus STTireRack, Hawk, DEI, K&N, Koni, Summit Racing
15 Avatar Image Powell, Brandon Confirmed Novice Driver 2013Subaru Legacy
11 Placeholder Avatar Schafer, Sean Confirmed Novice Navigator
2 Avatar Image Serrano, Andres Confirmed Stock Driver Porsche Panamera
9 Avatar Image Shank, Josh Confirmed Novice Navigator
5 Placeholder Avatar Singh, Simran Confirmed Novice Driver 1991Mazda b2600i
22 Avatar Image Solon, Alexander Confirmed Novice Driver 2019Honda Civic SI
21 Placeholder Avatar Stewart, William Confirmed Stock Navigator 2015Volkswagen Golf R
14 Avatar Image Walton, Bailey Confirmed Novice Driver 1987Mercedes-Benz G WagonAkron Sports Car Club
20 Avatar Image White, Jack Confirmed Novice Navigator

46 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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